You’re back at work, when really you wish you were still sitting on a beach somewhere sipping a nice chilled white, which is what it seems most of your colleagues are doing.

Crikey is here to help.

Have you checked out our photo galleries tag page?

Our pick of the best are:

Beauty queens, bowling and bunnies: US presidents like you’ve never seen them before Hilarious look at different US presidents looking embarrassing, cool and daggy.

Before they were parents… A fun blog of photos from when your parents were hip.

The last days of Gourmet A depressing look at the Gourmet magazine office in its dying days.

Pulling the strings over Berlin An incredible gigantic puppet show held in the streets of Berlin to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall.

Drunk people in yoga positions Possibility the greatest photo gallery of all time.

Or, if you’re more in a reading mood, try our tag page of interviews.

Like, an interview with the editor of The Onion. Or when Crikey interviewed climate change sceptic Ian Plimer in Copenhagen. Mikhail Gorbachev reflecting on the events of 1989 twenty years on. An indepth (10 pages!) look at the Obama’s marriage. For Mad Men nerds, an absolutely fascinating interview with the props master of the hit TV series. Plus, what is it like to be a publishing intern?

If you’re looking for something a little heavier (it’s the first week of January, so you’re probably not, but a bit of meaty Crikey content is always welcomed) then revisit some of the Crikey Daily Mail classics from this year.

Like, all of the sometimes confusing, often brilliant Guy Rundle articles.

Or a look into our Lessons in History series, where Mike Stutchbery compares the Spanish flu to swine flu and asks what we can learn from bushrangers.

Our weekly Wankley winners are always popular and an interesting look back at the biggest media stories of the year.

Plus check out some of our most popular topics, such as the Great Firewall of Australia, the aviation industry, liberal leadership and politicians behaving badly.

Crikey isn’t always serious. Check out Newsreader fashion: A Crikey guide, Offensive Halloween costumes, the Best political haircuts of ’09 and wax sculptures of Barack Obama.

Wondering what working in the Crikey office is really like? A quick flick through the Crikey Team Blog gives you a nice idea, particularly our series ‘2009 as told through our iPhones’.

And our brand new Back in a Bit travel blog is a welcome distraction this summer. If you can’t be on holiday, at least you can read about someone who is.

Is it home time yet?