I was going to do a long complicated holiday post with photos and stuff but I’m on holiday.

So here are some of the holiday things I have done on holiday!

  • Chose not to go to the Unreal Wrestling Association event which is on tonight at the Bateman’s Bay Bowling Club – can’t be bothered. Perhaps I am getting cynical.
  • Saw someone on telly who had a pet Quokka. Note to self – get a Quokka.
  • Ate oysters and prawns and whole roasted baby snapper so often it has become a bit dreary.
  • Swam every day at least twice at South Broulee beach.
  • Read the Canberra Times everyday which is extracted fresh from Satan’s from bumhole every morning! I only read it for David Pope who I believe is this country’s finest cartoonist under 50.
  • Hit on Ben Pobjie via the internet. He continues to resist my advances.
  • Drank Beer!
  • Thought about how good it is to drink Beer on holiday.
  • Beer!
  • Ran 8 kilometres every now and then except the day I cycled 15 kilometres.
  • Decided to upgrade the family iphones because optus is poo.
  • Cut out the Firstdogonthemoon Nativity Scene which is excellent even if I say so myself and I do.
  • Thought about Jesus and Sulphur Crested Cockatoos. How different are they really?
  • Listened to Phillip Adams when I sat in the car in the bush to get good internet reception because Optus is poo.
  • Read a Stephen King book because it isn’t a holiday if you don’t read something like that.
  • Continue to be outraged that Fairfax don’t air freight the Age. The SMH is just not the same.
  • Listened on the radio to the story about how someone tried to murder one of the Danish cartoonists who drew mohammed.
  • Had naps.
  • Ate snacks.

Here is a holiday photo:

You can get tissues with bunnies on them! Courtesy of Moruya Woolworths