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Dec 23, 2009

Nick Minchin: 2009’s most appalling person

Nick Minchin beats out the likes of Stephen Conroy, a snivelling public servant, a philandering golfer and an Iranian dictator for the coveted Golden Arsehat of 2009.


What a standout year for this politician.

When it comes to describing the political tactics and character of the man who almost single-handedly felled mighty Malcolm, ensured the resurrection of the critically ill Right and turned the climate-change landscape on its head, we couldn’t say it better than some of Minchin’s anonymous co-workers:

“He is a master of the dark arts … Nick has played a deeply divisive role, he has suspended all the usual conventions and precedents on how a member of the leadership team should behave. Ultimately Minchin is a liability.”

A “complete fruit loop …”

On the now-infamous Four Corners program that sparked the bloody disembowelment of the federal Liberal Party, Minchin inexplicably granted an interview on the sidelines of his daughter’s netball match. He told Sarah Ferguson, “I frankly strongly object to you know, politicians and others trying to terrify 12-year-old girls that their planet’s about to melt, you know. I mean really it is appalling some of that  sort of behaviour.”

Nick might be doing it for the kids, but it seems Crikey readers fall more in the fruit-loop camp when it comes to their view of Nick’s stance — they bestowed the Golden Arsehat upon him for:

“… his single-minded efforts to undermine good governance in Australia and damage our reputation as a global citizen.

“… popularising climate denial”

“… single-handedly pulling the pin on the ETS and any action (however small) on climate change and masterminding the implosion of the federal Liberal Party by replacing MT with TA”

And so, good sir, you can now claim the dubious distinction of overwhelmingly beating out the likes of Stephen Conroy, a snivelling public servant, a philandering golfer and an Iranian dictator for the coveted Golden Arsehat of 2009.


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58 thoughts on “Nick Minchin: 2009’s most appalling person

  1. John

    [this comment has been removed by moderators]

  2. Virro

    I’d like to be around when his daughter explains to her daughter what big-daddy did to save billions from war, hunger and death. I’m sure the plucky little thing will be appalled and terrified too.

  3. Dewgong

    That’s a bit uncalled for John.

  4. Bullmore's Ghost

    Minchin is an Anglicization of Meanchin.

  5. shepherdmarilyn

    When Vivian Alvarez was found to have been illegally deported and left to die I asked Minchin in public about this deportation of “an Australian woman”.

    He looked at me blankly for seconds and then said “oh you mean the filipina”.

    Sums up Minchin.

  6. John

    Wow. Maybe the moderators are powerful enough to remove Minchin from the senate ticket.

  7. stephen

    Feilding should have got a mention somewhere in this cast of self interested looneys.

  8. Richard Wilson

    Crikey readers may vote Minchin the arsehat but normal people seem less inclined to the opinions of this rarified and cosseted minority:

    Here are the latest numbers on climate change (collected as we blog) based on random sample of 2600 NSW adults:

    Q002-Which of the following best describes your current position on the climate change debate?

    I do believe that humans are responsible for climate change 16%
    I am just confused about this whole thing 13%
    There has always been climate change and that is how it will always be 13%
    I need to find out a lot more before I can make a comment 11%
    This is the single greatest challenge of our future and something must be done immediately 11%
    I am worried about how much more all this will cost us without any guarantee that it will fix anything 8%
    Whether it is true or false we cannot afford not to act even if it will cost hundreds of billions 6%
    We need to do more to stop climate change than what is proposed 4%
    It’s a hoax! 3%
    Have no interest 3%
    Why is this not being discussed openly with the public? 3%
    I don’t believe than humans are responsible for climate change 3%
    It’s all about taxing the people yet again 2%
    I am anti pollution but not anti carbon dioxide 1%
    Why do we need to decide before everyone else in the world? 1%

    I think this pans out about 60% doubtful/uncertain/against and 40% wanting to do something. It doesn’t mean they want an ETS or a cap in trade derivatives exchange however!

    Sample n=2621


  9. David Sanderson

    Richard, you are clearly a terminal member of the “I am just confused about this whole thing” category. You just don’t know it.

  10. Izzy

    wow richard…talk about subjective analysis….the way I read it is
    Do something: 31%
    Unsure – want more info: 40%
    Do nothing/dont believe: 23%

    See can read it anyway you want…I bet if anyone else analyses it, they will see it from a different perspective as well…..

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