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Dec 23, 2009

Nick Minchin: 2009's most appalling person

Nick Minchin beats out the likes of Stephen Conroy, a snivelling public servant, a philandering golfer and an Iranian dictator for the coveted Golden Arsehat of 2009.



What a standout year for this politician.

When it comes to describing the political tactics and character of the man who almost single-handedly felled mighty Malcolm, ensured the resurrection of the critically ill Right and turned the climate-change landscape on its head, we couldn’t say it better than some of Minchin’s anonymous co-workers:

“He is a master of the dark arts … Nick has played a deeply divisive role, he has suspended all the usual conventions and precedents on how a member of the leadership team should behave. Ultimately Minchin is a liability.”

A “complete fruit loop …”

On the now-infamous Four Corners program that sparked the bloody disembowelment of the federal Liberal Party, Minchin inexplicably granted an interview on the sidelines of his daughter’s netball match. He told Sarah Ferguson, “I frankly strongly object to you know, politicians and others trying to terrify 12-year-old girls that their planet’s about to melt, you know. I mean really it is appalling some of that  sort of behaviour.”

Nick might be doing it for the kids, but it seems Crikey readers fall more in the fruit-loop camp when it comes to their view of Nick’s stance — they bestowed the Golden Arsehat upon him for:

“… his single-minded efforts to undermine good governance in Australia and damage our reputation as a global citizen.

“… popularising climate denial”

“… single-handedly pulling the pin on the ETS and any action (however small) on climate change and masterminding the implosion of the federal Liberal Party by replacing MT with TA”

And so, good sir, you can now claim the dubious distinction of overwhelmingly beating out the likes of Stephen Conroy, a snivelling public servant, a philandering golfer and an Iranian dictator for the coveted Golden Arsehat of 2009.



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58 thoughts on “Nick Minchin: 2009’s most appalling person

  1. John

    [this comment has been removed by moderators]

  2. Virro

    I’d like to be around when his daughter explains to her daughter what big-daddy did to save billions from war, hunger and death. I’m sure the plucky little thing will be appalled and terrified too.

  3. Dewgong

    That’s a bit uncalled for John.

  4. Bullmore's Ghost

    Minchin is an Anglicization of Meanchin.

  5. shepherdmarilyn

    When Vivian Alvarez was found to have been illegally deported and left to die I asked Minchin in public about this deportation of “an Australian woman”.

    He looked at me blankly for seconds and then said “oh you mean the filipina”.

    Sums up Minchin.

  6. John

    Wow. Maybe the moderators are powerful enough to remove Minchin from the senate ticket.

  7. stephen

    Feilding should have got a mention somewhere in this cast of self interested looneys.

  8. Richard Wilson

    Crikey readers may vote Minchin the arsehat but normal people seem less inclined to the opinions of this rarified and cosseted minority:

    Here are the latest numbers on climate change (collected as we blog) based on random sample of 2600 NSW adults:

    Q002-Which of the following best describes your current position on the climate change debate?

    I do believe that humans are responsible for climate change 16%
    I am just confused about this whole thing 13%
    There has always been climate change and that is how it will always be 13%
    I need to find out a lot more before I can make a comment 11%
    This is the single greatest challenge of our future and something must be done immediately 11%
    I am worried about how much more all this will cost us without any guarantee that it will fix anything 8%
    Whether it is true or false we cannot afford not to act even if it will cost hundreds of billions 6%
    We need to do more to stop climate change than what is proposed 4%
    It’s a hoax! 3%
    Have no interest 3%
    Why is this not being discussed openly with the public? 3%
    I don’t believe than humans are responsible for climate change 3%
    It’s all about taxing the people yet again 2%
    I am anti pollution but not anti carbon dioxide 1%
    Why do we need to decide before everyone else in the world? 1%

    I think this pans out about 60% doubtful/uncertain/against and 40% wanting to do something. It doesn’t mean they want an ETS or a cap in trade derivatives exchange however!

    Sample n=2621


  9. David Sanderson

    Richard, you are clearly a terminal member of the “I am just confused about this whole thing” category. You just don’t know it.

  10. Izzy

    wow richard…talk about subjective analysis….the way I read it is
    Do something: 31%
    Unsure – want more info: 40%
    Do nothing/dont believe: 23%

    See can read it anyway you want…I bet if anyone else analyses it, they will see it from a different perspective as well…..

  11. Izzy

    or thereabouts anyway!

  12. Stevo the Working Twistie

    Who put together that poll, Richard? We might have next year’s Arsehat among us already. Four out of fifteen possible choices slanted towards the “do nothing” or “nothing’s wrong” camp. “Are you a) A climate-change believer and therefore a wild-eyed fanatic, or b) a doubter, and therefore a reasonable, rational person?

    Just by-the-by, almost 100% of lemmings regularly respond in the affirmative to the question “Is it a good idea to jump off the cliff”. This doesn’t make jumping off the cliff a good idea, but I’m sure it makes the lead lemming very popular (at least until the splat).

  13. Richard Wilson

    You guys are clearly all engineers thereby invalidating any response you care to make.

    The truth of the matter is this:

    Depending upon how you construct a question you can achieve a different range of answers:

    For example, here are a few additional missing options that would change the responses:

    I believe in climate change but not the government’s/UN’s/Tim’s /Al Gore’s solution
    I do believe humans are responsible for climate change but not the main reason for it
    I believe in climate change but I think it is getting colder
    I believe in climate change but I am not sure we have an answer to it at this stage
    I believe in climate change but not schemes involving taxing the public
    I believe in climate change but not schemes where you can buy credits to pollute

    There are a myriad of response options and these are but a few which will give succour to the various factions.

    My goal was to demonstrate that in the mind of the public (not the Crikey engineering clique) that the science is not settled nor is the voting public’s view of the way forward.

    Now, apropos how to classify the answers, that is open to interpretation but hopefully based on what I have shown you to date you can see that the debate should be revived. It has not been had except among us her on these pages and the science is clearly not settled however the climate warming fascisti may rail and character assassinate . What is settled however, is the guys who stand to gain from the current proposal. Most of them were loitering with intent at Copenhagen.

    By the way I think the CRU will have to fudge another year of data as it looks like this might be one of the coldest years this century even without the Russian’s 4000 omitted cold station points. Ha ha ha!

  14. AR

    DickDubya’s “survey” reminds me of the basic fallacy of PJK’s maxim, allegedly received at the feet of his mentor, the Big Fella, Jack Lang – “Put yer dough on self interest coz ya know it’s trying”.
    Trouble is, most people don’t know self interest from narcissistic delusion.

  15. JamesK

    He was instrumental in saving this country at one minute to midnight from a truly arsehat bill.

    I know in which bighead the arsehat epithet fits and it’s not Minchin’s.

    He, Barnaby and Tone are bloody heroes.

  16. Julius

    I criticised the Liberal rabble who appeared on 4 Corners and sympathised with those who were reminded of the way the ABC used to get at Malcolm Fraser’s government by putting a microphone in front of Billy Macmahon to say something reliably daft. But Minchin’s part in it puzzled me.

    I was also in favour of what I took to be Turnbull’s strategy of showing the Opposition to be responsible and reasonable in negotiating a better outcome for the CPRS bills then, free of the double dissolution threat, getting stuck into Rudd on that legislation and everything else in the new year. Still, you have to respect the possibility that the judgment of the old pros is sound and Nick Minchin is one of them: more than Abbott and light years ahead of Turnbull who has about five years of experience to get up to scratch.

    Another problem was that Turnbull appears to be a true believer in the IPCC’s version of science without knowing any more about it than your average opinionated journo. Minchin may have sniffed the wind and detected, amongst other coming changes, a growing scepticism about the warmists’ science (and their honesty) as well as the obvious folly of committing ourselves by law ahead of Copenhagen.

    A distinguished lawyer told me he had been treating both sides of the scientific argument – as an avocation to which he had given a lot of time – as expert witnesses whose credibility needed to be established by questioning them in his chambers before he could trust them to make a good impression on the court. His conclusion: that Pliimer, Carter, Wilson and other sceptics are pointing to possible areas where there are big gaps in the IPCC modelers models but that they are peripheral because the bleeding edge issue is whether there is worryingly large positive feedback (if any positive feedback) from supposed increases in water vapour evaporated from the sea by the modest heating universally agreed to occur because of CO2’s greenhouse effect when CO2 is increasing as a proportion of the atmosphere.

    The recently published work of Lindzen and Choi suggests that the feedback may be mildly negative based on actual measurements of radiation incoming and outgoing to and from the earth. David Evans’s papers to be found at http://www.sciencespeak.com are lucid and compelling. He says all the IPCC models predict a hotspot about 10k up in the troposphere but that actual measurements from 1979 to 1999 show that it doesn’t exist and that fact, he says, is fatal to the validity of the models as evidence that CO2 is a major cause of warming (beyond the modest effect that is common ground). If he is is right, it’s game over for the warmists (aka thermals).

    It doesn’t matter much if Minchin could expound the reasons for scientific scepticism convincingly; he may simply have a strong sense of how the wind is blowing. If so, Bob Ellis may prove right that Abbott is just the man to take on Rudd the cunning bureaucrat and, far from going backward as I was inclined to believe would be the consequence of last month’s upheavals, the Liberals might be about to win some seats back.

  17. Little Eric

    As I get older my feelings about the denialists become murderous.
    I read somewhere that older people are less concerned about environmental issues.
    They didn’t ask me.
    Can someone show me the internet equivalent of a Glasgow kiss?

  18. JamesK

    Little Eric. Leftist dumb and violent. Class.

  19. blue_green

    I am with you Little Eric.

  20. fitter

    Minchin is a complete tool box, but my vote still goes to Conroy.


    Come the next Federal election, there’s going to be a very big public vote for Arsehat wearers, and it will go to the Minchiviks.

    Crikey is just ahead of the curve on this one.

  22. john2066

    Good comments here by the skeptics. What gets me are the ‘weak as piss’ old bastards who insisted on dying in the melbourne heatwave. Gutless old bastards, all it needs is a murderous unprecedent heatwave, and they snuff it ! – just to panic us! Weak as water, they really deserve to be dead in my opinion.

    Another bunch of gutless wimps are the pacific islanders carrying on about storm surges and rising sea levels. By a snorkel morons!

    With the climate skeptics we’re in safe hands!

  23. john2066

    Imagine the grateful thankful feedback we’ll have for the skeptics in 10 years or so. We’ll say ‘hey look at this weather, gee I really want to give the skeptics some feedback about it!’ And imagine the fulsome feedback that will be doled out!

    Any good conservative (and lets face it most skeptics are conservatives) believes in ‘credit where its due’ and boy will there be some credit to give!!!

  24. breath-relic

    Here’s something for the statistically-minded (with a good back-link) –


  25. Cuppa

    It’s no coincidence that he got to where he is in the Liberal Party – kingmaker and chief string-puller. Minchin is the absolute embodiment of all the core Liberal values and sentiment.

    You can’t get more ‘Liberal’ than Minchin.

    Ridiculously extreme conservative, anti-science kook (he not only denies climate change, he also disputes the danger of tobacco to health), a fanatic for an ever-more aggressive WorkChoices (Howard did “not go far enough” according to Minchin).

    He seems to be in the Howard “never ever” mould also, leaving no doubt as to his impeccable ‘Liberal’ credentials …


    AAP, via Business Spectator, 21 November 2009

    Opposition Senate leader and climate change sceptic Nick Minchin has denied Tony Abbott is preparing to challenge for party leadership in a split over the emissions trading scheme.



    Never ever!

  26. john2066

    Cuppa, another interesting fact about Minchin, he went straight from university to liberal party staff to senator. As far as I can see from his resume, he’s never actually worked in the real economy for any length of time. As such, he’s therefore perfectly qualified to represent the ‘liberal’ party.

  27. Cuppa


    It is interesting that both Howard and Minchin, two of the most ardent advocates of harsh, unfair workplace laws, have in fact had hardly connection with the world of work themselves, either as employee or employer. Minchin, a career party apparatchik as you’ve pointed out, Howard likewise.

    These are the people (and the wider, so-called ‘Liberal’ party) obsessed with telling everyone else how pay and conditions are to be established.

    It’s a bit like Casanova passing celibacy laws: they wouldn’t have a clue!

    ‘The Age’, 06 May 2007:

    “… When you look at Howard’s background, the only meaningful experiences in his life have been in and around the federal parliamentary Liberal Party and its NSW division.”


  28. JamesK

    John suits Cuppa down to a t.

  29. orpheus

    I’ve got mixed emotions about giving the accolade (sic) to Minchin since there are a number of co-conspirators in what has become the Republican march of the Liberal party. What about Andrew Robb? Sidelined by depression in September but back in December with clarity of mind and a sense of purpose – to depose to Turnbull. Doesn’t get any better in Greek tragedy.

  30. Liz45

    LITTLE ERIC – I’m with you too! I’ve never been asked for my opinion in over 40 yrs of voting! So, the so-called polls leave out a lot of us! I can’t stand Minchin or his mates! SHEPHERDMARILYN – sums him up too! Chauvinist and racist!

    It was Minchin who apologized to the wealthy elite, that WorstChoices didn’t go as far as he and they wished. Some have obviously forgotten this, or agreed with him. If Minchin had his way(and Abbott and ????)workers would be paid next to nothing.

    I also recall the views of ‘Harvey Norman’ who advocated overseas workers to be paid half the amount of ‘real aussie’ workers? Those of us who objected to this had Joe Hockey’s staffers investigating our names, affiliations etc. Didn’t hear Minchin object to this invasion of our privacy either, not to mention the possible exploitation of workers??Gerry Harvey indicated, that many in the then coalition were ‘interested’ in his views! God help workers if this crew get in!

  31. Elan

    I was watching a repeat of Q&A yesterday (I’ve not seen the programme). It became riveting to see Minchin’s comments in relation to the ETS, and in particular his undivided loyalty to Turnbull!

    It is always fascinating to watch these creatures making statements of utter sincerity in repeats.., knowing what has since happened!

    Nah! For Minchin this accolade is well deserved.

  32. Bolly Knickers

    Nick Minchin is more than a simple arsehat. He is evil….his verbal assault on Nicola Roxon on the repeat of QANDA was a clear demonstration of his appalling persona. I want to stab him in the eye….then let him eat coal soot and breathe in toxic air.

  33. JamesK

    What is it with leftist loons and their fantasies of inflicting horrible death by personal injury on those that don’t hold their rancid views?

  34. zimmerman

    Wow. This award has really galvanised the acolytes.What have we got. almost 15!!? worshippers of the purse lipped pontificator who are so, so disappointed they didn’t get the wonderful world saving tax……..
    Please please nail those negotiations with Bobby B. so we can have it in Feb.We need it to solve man’s greatest moral dilemma.
    Why isn’t the pontificator talking about the dilemma anymore?

  35. Little Eric


    Meanwhile JamesK goes into meltdown…
    You’re very good at dishing out the ad hominem, JamesK, but not so good at taking it!
    This would seem to be the pattern nowadays on the raving ratbag right; sneer and bile, but never a reasoned argument, then whimper like whipped curs when they cop some themselves.

    “Leftist dumb and violent” (gotcha!)
    “rarified and cosseted minority”
    “the climate warming fascisti”
    “leftist loons”
    “rancid views”
    “purse lipped pontificator”
    and worst of all, “clearly all engineers”.

    What sticks in my craw is that they get paid to attack any pro-environment (anti-profit) views as soon as they are stated.

  36. Elan

    I seem to recall a rather rabid Rightest loon who played out his fantasies by inflicting death by ‘personal injury’ on those who certainly didn’t agree with his rancid views.

    (Or perhaps a gas chamber isn’t really ‘personal’ enough?).

  37. James McDonald

    You can see how, for Crikey readers, it’s all about the ETS and nothing else. Turnbull is pro-ETS and Minchin is anti-ETS so one is a saint and the other is a red-eyed monster. This bunch are just about ready to join a Clive Hamilton-led underground movement to start bombings and hijackings for the greater good of an ETS.

    It’s not quite that simple though. Once again, most of those commenting have missed the point of the story in their eagerness to fight the AGW brawl again, like the dead warriors in Odin’s Valhalla who according to legend eat, drink, hack each other to pieces and come to life again, over and over again, without ever getting bored of it.

    But where were we? Oh yes, dear old Nick Minchin. A character so charmingly old-world, so down to earth in the way he turns everything into a performance of doting on his teenage daughters. Even when he was twisting the knife in Turnbull’s back, he deflected journalists’ questions about his thoughts by saing, “Well my daughter was a bit shocked, but I told her that’s just politics.” How could such a nice man ever do something devious?

    And what is his stance on the ETS? Well that’s just the thing, you see it changes according to the political opportunities of the moment. In that way he’s not so different from Saint Kevin the Rudd, but he is infinitely more subtle.

    An interesting story by Lenore Taylor appeared in The Australian, 30 Nov, page 4. You cannot find this story online, some shenanigan of an editor spiked it but was too late to stop it going to print. If you go down to the library you will find it on page 4.

    [POWERFUL backroom operators are often referred to as kingmakers, but since the last election conservative Liberal powerbroker Nick Minchin has played a key role in the undoing of two Liberal leaders.

    In July last year, former Liberal leader Brendan Nelson tried to force his party to take a tougher line against the Rudd government’s proposed emissions trading scheme, so that support for an ETS was conditional on other big emitters.

    According to senior Coalition sources, Minchin abandoned his support for Nelson’s push shortly before a crucial shadow cabinet meeting on July 29 where the leader was rolled on the issue by … Malcolm Turnbull, and other senior Liberals including Julie Bishop and Greg Hunt.

    According to the sources, Minchin cited “business certainty” at the time as the reason the Coalition should stick with its election position of supporting the introduction of an ETS regardless of international action.

    Now Minchin has been a key figure in the insurrection against Turnbull’s “good-faith” ETS deal with the Rudd government, in part because Mr Turnbull is not doing what Dr Nelson proposed to do: wait for a clear sign of international action before committing to an emissions trading scheme.]

  38. James McDonald

    Sorry, forgot the headline, it was “Minchin becomes king-breaker”. Here is part of the story online.

    Not quite spiked after all it seems, but exceedingly difficult to track down if you didn’t know it was there, and one of the first stories in the Oz to become subscriber-only. In light of which I would not be surprised if Minchin were rather well connected at The Oz.

  39. JamesK

    Elan? Not really an apt moniker.

    Hitler presumably Elan’s recollection of a “Rightest loon” was leader of NAZI party aka the National Socialist German Workers’ Party

  40. Jacquie Butterfield

    Re Minchin or Meanchin. The badly orchestrated (or rather unorchestrated) gaggle outside of Parliament House confronting the press…..you know…..Andrews, Bronny, Meanchin et al….huffing and puffing and appearing downright nasty and dishevelled, caused me to look more closely into the whole situation and so I started following the press reports. The more I looked, and it didn’t take a moment actually….I realised that this mob of hijackers is so out of everything that I will run a mile before I vote for it. I’m glad I know, finally,what forms the true base of this party. They did get a swing towards them by some worried labor voters at the recent elections. To top it all, I read today that its new leader was more interested in politics at the university than attending certain lectures. That made we speculate as to which percentage of that political animal wants to help the nation and which wants to be chief polly? Would it be a ratio of around 2:8?

  41. zimmerman

    in a segment on the 7:30 report night we had a “weather” piece.The weather expert sagely told us that normally in Melbourne at this time of year we could have 40 deg scorchers or even 14 deg chillers with rain………so the idyllic 26 deg could possibly be put down to the effects of…….cue it……….climate change!!………..
    ffs…..what do we want?…an ETS.when do we want it? ah I’ll get back to you.
    A year ago I wasn’t a sceptic but there has been so much BS in the last year…eg
    p.wong tells us 270,000 coastal homes are at risk..6 days later k.rudd tells us 450,000 coastal homes are at risk…..

  42. Richard Wilson

    The more that the government and their client follower media attempt to scare the sleeping masses, the more likely they are to wake up and smell a rat. But, I tell you what. They are waking up and they are smelling a rat. Whether the scientists are genuine or sponsored is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is that if China, India and Brazil aren’t bothering, then as less than 2% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions, it is arguably conspiratorial to get us to bother.

    The Brookings which, in my view, is just another propaganda arm of the globalists, is recommending we opt for cap in trade; but I am more inclined to a system that identifies the problem and then sets up a specific plan of action industry by industry to rectify it rather than selling indulgences in the form of Third World credits so we can keep polluting. By enticing the Third World to sell their carbon credits to us, we can guarantee their remaining in their present state for at least another hundred years until we can dream up something else with which to scare the cr@p out the hoi poloi.

    Get it through your heads that the global banking sponsored Trilateral Commission came up with this garbage and, to the best of my knowledge, their chief protagonist in Australia is the Trilateralist Mr Garnaut who is pushing like mad to get something happening that the banks can make a buck out of given the parlous state of the funny money charade we call the global economy.

    By polluting, I am thinking of soot, chemicals and other toxins rather than C02, most of which is not man made, and which is essential to life.
    Oops excuse me – just had to dodge an iceberg!

  43. Elan

    Weeeell Jimmy lad, it HAD (Brownie’s Honour) occurred to me. What I was trying to show was that there is little difference! To me it is a Rightest trend to show such little regard for the lives of those one considers as less than- So I will stick with what I said.

    Besides…, if I were to take an each way bet (which I shall), to confirm that this Left/Right thing is a load of horseshite, I would suggest that Hitty was very much a man of the people (a Socialist doctrine),- he certainly developed a system of recycling millions of them!

    The odious and utterly repellent, are spread right across the political spectrum, to such a degree that it is hard to tell them apart. Truly filthy slimeballs are recognised by being just that. Left/Right is a nonsense;-they are all the same.

    It is so childish to refer to one or the other as the bad guys. An arse is an arse.

  44. Elan

    Oh yes! And completely off topic, I was astonished and hugely disappointed to see Dr Charlie Teo praising the American health system!

    He praised it!!!

    Muck fe!!

  45. James McDonald

    Elan – “And completely off topic” – I’m not sure if this thread was ever on topic. It was, in theory, an award for Senator Nick Minchin and his way of trampling his colleagues and his party, his apparent indifference to anyone’s interpretation of the national interest, not to mention his habit of hiding behind his daughters’ skirts, on what appears to be his narrow twisting Machiavellian road to personal power for himself alone.

    Only a few comments about Minchin have interrupted the otherwise continuous stream of brawling, personal abuse and conspiracy theory (Richard Wilson – if you think Ross Garnaut is simply out to throw the banks a bone you really are an idiot) that comprises the bread-and-butter Crikey dialogue these days. And it never ends, and it never leads anywhere, and no one ever changes his mind or learns to sing a new tune.

  46. JamesK

    Why disappointed with Charlie Teo, Elan?
    It is the best health system in the world and he has worked there.

    Most new surgical technical developments and new drugs come from the US. The best clinicians and medical researchers go there.

    What is your problem? Pissed because it is essentially private with proud people paying for their own health care. No big government between them and their doctors to usurp the ‘caring’ glory at phenomenally wasteful expense to the point that health care is rationed as it is here? Only a matter of time before we’re at the Poms level.

    Are you afraid of people who stand proud, tall, free and accept the personal responsibility that entails?

  47. john2066

    JamesK, find your comments towards me a bit hurtful. I’m on your side – I’m with you !

    Climate change isn’t happening, all this weather is normal. All these gutless bastards either just snuffing it in the heat because they ‘can’t cope’ (ooh poor snookums) or talking about an unprecedented drought, are just part of the world-socialist panic conspiracy ! Better off without them I say!

    Shitty useless rivers which used to run are now dried up basins – hoooray ! Who cares!

    And as for these gutless bastards getting flooded out in the pacific, well boo hoo snookies, which don’t you just build a paddle you soon-to-be-dead-anyway morons.

    Nick is also a personal hero, he’s a tough, hard hitting man of the free market, having studied it for a bit at university, apparently.

  48. Elan

    JAMES MCDONALD: your last line says it all! This goes on everywhere-Gawd knows why we bother, but we do;-it’s the way it is! SO………………………:

    ‘Are you afraid of people who stand proud, tall, free and accept the personal responsibility that entails?’

    Aahhhh! Jimmy lad, you don arf make I larf!!!!

    But now I’ll get serious.

    I have no interest in a “Health Care” that makes little to no allowance for those who cannot afford to pay. Illness has no social boundaries;- it does not restrict itself to those who can afford to get the best health care,-indeed it affects those of a lower socio-economic (dontcha jus love these phrases!), background, perhaps more so because of poor diet, and environment.

    The American system makes NO allowance for that, as do people who think like you. Yes, many ARE responsible for their own situations (don’t want to work etc.,), but I suggest that most in that affluent country are NOT like that, and should not be considered as welfare dependent losers….a phrase that you would be comfortable with.


    Now: Jimmy lad, so far I have been civil to you, but if you want to persist in the tone you are using with me, I shall be more than happy to reciprocate.

    Frankly, this is perhaps the best place for a frank discussion on greed and selfishness. Nick Minchin being a prime example.

    Over to you-NOW try to patronise me.

  49. Elan

    Jimmy, Jimmy , Jimmy!!! How could you be so unkind to Johno 666……..

    ‘And as for these gutless bastards getting flooded out in the pacific, well boo hoo snookies, which don’t you just build a paddle you soon-to-be-dead-anyway morons’.

    …………………..he’s SUCH a sweetie…

    A like thinker you could say.

  50. JamesK


    You make so many pronouncements that are fallacious that it is quite impossible to keep up just denouncing your drivel. When I do, you move seamlessly on to your next pronouncement without acknowledging my argument and you have done so again.

    Furthermore you pontificate as if there were no other rational point of view. You appear as a self righteous prig who wears his supposed ‘care and consideration’ for the poorer citizens of another nation like a fashion accessory.

    Even if you had some awareness of the fact that you are wrong would still doubtless be irrelevant in terms of changing your attitude even one iota.

    Medicare in that country covers all people 65 and over regardless of income.

    Medicare is projected to be bankrupt by 2017. Obamacare plans to remove $500 billion in ‘savings’ in the next 10 yrs with we are assured no loss in quality of care. Those over 65 who actually need Medicare know that is bunkum.

    Medicaid covers the very poor under 65.
    And no patient is turned away in an emergency in US hospitals.
    Under Obamacare the uninsured will be fined $1000 per year

    Treat people like dependents and they behave as such. Encourage them and help them to achieve their full potential and you give to them the best chance to overcome the vicious cycle of poverty and welfare dependency.

    You’re way ensures their poverty and your ‘moral’ superiority.

    Your’s is nothing more than the generosity of a narcissist.

    @ John. No intention to be hurtful. Nick Minchin was a solicitor until he entered Parliament aged 40. Cuppa was talking the nonsense of the extremist buffoon. Don’t entertain it.

  51. Elan

    Here I wuz keepin an eye out for you Jimmy lad, and you snuck in without me noticing. Strange that you show up as posting on the same day-yet I saw nothing. (Still nothing. Ha!). Ah! the mysteries of the intynet!

    It’s hard to plough through the waffle,-I have to say I’m mighty impressed with pontificate- does it put me up there wid de Pope? Thank-you dearest.

    Moving seamlessly has a lot of appeal-is it like ice-skating? One moves seamlessly with that,-until the ice cracks of course. But still, thanks for the compliment.

    And yet more compliments!!! Narcissus no less, (I prefer daffodils), but I would MUCH prefer ‘blushing little petal’. It covers most flowers and is much more appropriate. Still, thank-you again, dearest Jimmy.

    Prig is a touch unkind,-but vastly superior to being an utter turd gargling prick don’t you

    The rest is the usual textbook far Right wing mantra spouted by the odious self-serving ‘let them eat cake’ peddlers.

    Still, perhaps you impressed yourself with your pretentious little lecture.

    TTFN Jimmy lad.

  52. JamesK

    Don’t whinge Elan. As they say: It takes a genius to whine appealingly

  53. Elan

    Come now Jimmy lad,………….try; TRY to grasp the fundymenthols.

    God knows, I’ll concede you ARE an expert on whinging,- but not very ‘appealingly’, though I’m sure Thatcher-Bush-Bushlet-Howard-Minchin-Abbott, and other likewise vermin, will empathise and applaud their usual self-serving crap..ooh! sorry I meant chap!

    I’ll stick with your compliments,-they show that people like you do indeed have a pulse.

    Now Jimmy lad,-we are only at 53 posts,-lets try to double them! What do you say? I’m really enjoying the attempt to guide you to the path of true righteousness.

    TTFN Jimmy lad.

  54. john2066

    Thanks JamesK. I can see you’ve read my post in detail and agree with my attitude toward the people who ‘died’ from heat stress – the stupid bastards deserved it!. Let it heat up baby! who wants to live anway, I sure dont, and I want to see everyone else snuff it as well!

  55. JamesK

    Yes John the lack of coal fired cheap electricity generation has killed and continues to kill many. Their presence has killed only those far fewer in number who develop asthma/bronchitis secondary to smog from very old unmodified generators.

  56. Elan

    Kindred spirits……………., awwwwwwwwww!

    (Psssssssssst,…Jimmy lad…,you DO realise he’s barking don’t you??)

    What a hoot!

  57. JamesK

    So now the loud mouthed blowhard without even a single argument but diminutives aplenty says what?

    The cap-lock one trick pony ejaculates yet again.

  58. Elan

    ‘ello darlin’,

    (Jimmy lad..,psst..,Jimmy..pssst, psst Jimmy lad;-that’s a bit unkind. Fair do’s;-John666 really can’t help it, you know..)

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