Reasons you shouldn’t treat your interns like sh-t. Outrage at Grazia magazine after an intern who was sent out regularly to buy skinny lattes for the beauty desk announced at the end of her stint on the mag that she had in fact been buying them all full-fat ones. Cue much spluttering from the staff and a mass rush to the nearest set of weighing scales.  — The Guardian

A worthy entry to hilarious newspapers corrections of 2009. You may better know David Gest as Liza Minelli’s ex-husband.


What does your favourite magazine say about you? We’ve come up with an extremely scientific system categorising people by the magazines they read …


People who use the names of seasons as verbs …


Men who, if they were women, would read Marie Claire


Snobs who lost money in the financial crisis …

The New Yorker

People who laugh at things that aren’t funny …


People waiting to get a colonoscopy.


And we’ve got Barry from DC on the line … Outgoing Virginia Governor Tim Kaine got a surprise on his radio show Tuesday — a phone call from President Barack Obama. Kaine was taking calls during his final appearance on his “Ask the Governor” program when a producer announced that there was a call from “Barry in DC.” The White House says the station knew it was the President but it was a surprise to Kaine. — HuffPo

E-readers know you’re reading p-rn. At Mediabistro’s eBook Summit last week, we learned a surprising fact: women are turning to e-books so they can hunker down with bodice busters without being outed by those racy covers. But if privacy was what they were looking for, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has some bad news: Just in time for the holidays, the San Francisco-based digital rights advocacy organisation has released a guide to e-book privacy … “E-readers possess the ability to report back substantial information about their users’ reading habits and locations to the corporations that sell them” —  Media Bistro

How Kim Kardashian is making $US10,000 per tweet. Online ad rates, we’re told, are on an express train to zero, helped along by gagillions of impressions generated by Facebook, Twitter and its ilk, and the networks, exchanges and targeting technologies that allow advertisers to buy audience as a commodity, without dealing with individual sites at all. And while the recession has put another hit on CPMs — the term ad buyers and sellers use as shorthand for the cost for 1000 impressions — across the web, some sites can still pimp fat ad rates either by virtue of their reach, specialised audience or unique environment. Who’s getting the best ad rates on the web today? — AdAge

And cut to Trioli skirt adjusting. Some snappy camera work on ABC2 Breakfast this morning, with the camera oddly crossing to Virgina Trioli’s knees to shoulder region while she adjusts her skirt. Luckily we have the video for your entertainment.


Peter Fray

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