Dec 21, 2009

Windschuttle screams blue murder over Quadrant funding cut

Quadrant has had its Australia Council Grant cut by $15,000 and is screaming blue murder and about the fix being in, because every left wing magazine –- Overland, Meanjin(!), Australian Book Review (!!) -- has seen its funding maintained or bumped up.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Wow – just how much Christmas spirit does one man have? I’m talking of Keith Windschuttle whose bizarre and elementary stuff-up of an attack on the Rabbit-Proof Fence was our pre-christmas turkey for the year.


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3 thoughts on “Windschuttle screams blue murder over Quadrant funding cut

  1. AR

    Let the much vaunted, Sainted Invisible Hand of the Free Market rule – as Mudorch claims to believe, punters are happy to pay for quality.

  2. Elizabeth Redman

    His name is Imre Salusinszky.

    Not Imre Shaluzsinzsky, Imre Szaluszinshky or Imre Szhazulszinzky.

    (See or or even

    Who was the one complaining “that no-one had bothered to fact-check”?

    And don’t even try and claim this was humour.

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