I’m trapped inside a police “pen” in a Copenhagen street with about 500 protestors who’ve been surrounded by police vans and dogs to stop anyone getting in or out. As the police moved in, I went upstairs to my friends’ apartment – which amazingly was right on the street where everything was happening. I looked outside the window, and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Over 100,000 people were part of the rally for a fair, ambitious and binding deal to reduce emissions – and the police ran in, split the peaceful protest up, blocked off the street with police vans and dogs, and detained hundreds of protestors. They – and I – are still here right now.

Today was a large and peaceful march for climate action. What I saw today was unprovoked police storm the main rally in what looked like a planned, premeditated manoeuver by police. Police vans moved into position ready to strike at a peaceful crowd, scattering families with young kids. The scale of today’s demonstration was extraordinary and today’s police actions distract from the reasons that all of us are here – because the world can wait no longer for action on climate change.

ABC is reporting that the protestors were throwing bricks – which is completely untrue from what I saw from my window on the 4th floor overlooking the whole scene. The police were not provoked in any way before they moved in on the rally. Most of the protestors right now are at a candlelight vigil calling for a treaty based on 350 parts per million in the atmosphere. This aligns with the AOSIS text released yesterday at the negotiations.
The police in Denmark have come under unprecedented criticism for their disproportionate policing of protest and the Danish government have been heavily criticized for their new ‘hoodlum law package’ aimed at extending police powers for arresting protesters during the Copenhagen Summit.

Today’s rallies are part of a global day of action. I woke up this morning and was greeted by the excellent news that over 90,000 Australians turned out for Walk Against Warming rallies across the country. And then to be part of today’s large and peaceful march here in the city where our future is being negotiated was moving and inspiring.

I’ve been struck down with tonsillitis – too much stress and too little sleep in the past 10 days I’ve been here – so after the rally I was planning on having a quiet afternoon before a meeting tonight. Guess that didn’t work out..