A poll by the Adelaide Advertiser has produced a counter-intuitive result, with Labor’s lead increasing in the wake of the Mike Rann sex allegations to 57-43, up from 55-45 at the previous survey of October 14. After distribution of the undecided, Labor is up a point on the primary vote to 43 per cent, the Liberals are down 2.5 per cent to 35 per cent and the Greens are up two to 10 per cent. The full set of results informs us that Labor’s two-party vote in both metropolitan (54-46) and non-metropolitan (55-45) areas is lower than the total, which obviously can’t be right. The former figure grants Labor less than half the minor party and independent preferences compared with the more normal two-thirds; a more plausible metropolitan two-party split would be 58-42 or 59-41. The sample is 661 respondents, which isn’t bad for a state poll, but there seems reason to believe The Advertiser’s in-house polling is not conducted with the expertise you would expect from a professional market research agency.