Westpac: a lovely bunch of bananas

How exactly is Westpac like a banana smoothie? Crikey readers let us know. Plus: Baby Jesus as a dog makes Baby Jesus cry and more Melbourne Uni messages.

Banana smoothies and Westpac:

Jackie French writes: Re. “Crikey clarifier: the difference between home loans and banana smoothies” (yesterday, item 4). There’s not much banana in a smoothie. The banana smoothie analogy is more accurate than Westpac may realise. As a committed banana smoothie consumer, I can testify the price of banana smoothies doesn’t rise (or at least not in my selected sample) when the price of bananas goes up.

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3 thoughts on “Westpac: a lovely bunch of bananas

  1. John Bushell

    Climate Change:
    Tamas Calderwood (10 December 2009) re “belief ” in global warming.

    “Of the more than 29,000 observational data series……….more than 89% are consistent with the change of direction expected as a response to climate warming”. Sorry Tamas but these odds are good enough for me to believe that the risk presented by global warming is worth taking action.

    In a nutshell:
    1 In 2009 manmade greenhouse gasses will be about 50 Billion tonne CO2 equivalent (BtCO2-e.).
    2 If we continue as we are now these gasses will exceed 80 BtCO2-e. in 2050.
    3 To avoid catastrophic climate change we need to reduce manmade greenhouse gasses to a maximum of 15 BtCO2-e. per annum by 2050 – AND KEEP BELOW THIS LEVEL IN FUTURE.

    If you think this is not worth the risk of restructuring our economy accordingly you will need to start thinking up some pretty good explanations for your children and grandchildren as to why you left them with a planet suitable only for growing cactuses.

    John Bushell

  2. shepherdmarilyn

    Complete garbage Martin Gordon. Utter, complete and total garbage. Iraq was not capable of hurting themselves let alone anyone else.

  3. marvel

    Re: Christina Buckridge: I thought it was pretty obvious that Ms Jonas was upset by very many things being done at Council level but that she was unable to say them publicly. I assume there is a confidentiality agreement or similar for members of Council. The issue of being asked to work for nothing was not only just a final straw, but also something she was able to speak out about.
    It was also very clear from the letter she received that university management/admin is pressuring the faculty to provide services that the faculty has little or no money to do. So the weakest and most vulnerable are the ones asked to work for nothing. Only to be expected under the current Melbourne Muddle disaster.

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