Nov 30, 2009

Sensible and silly … time for a Liberal split

Moderate Libs should jump ship or be ready to turn into a genuine liberal party -- the only chance that moderate liberals would have to fight such a battle from a position of incumbency.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


If there isn’t a bunch of metropolitan Libs with a blueprint for a split in a desk drawer somewhere, they aren’t doing their job.

Given the last week’s performance, that probably means there isn’t.

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20 thoughts on “Sensible and silly … time for a Liberal split

  1. robbi64

    Well written, Guy, you are such a Hero with a Pen.

  2. Simon Rumble

    Bligh’s Serious Party.

    There’s gotta be a gag in the fact Turnbull has historical family links with William Bligh. Is Turnbull the red under the bed that Minchin fears?

  3. John Reidy

    they won’t do it, it, as you say now is the time to jump, while they have their seats, but they won’t do it..

    Re a name:
    I’m thinking the ‘progressive conservatives’ or the ‘conservative progressives’ it worked well in Canada didn’t it

    (Oh I remember they introduced a GST and then went from majority to a phonebooth.)

  4. caf

    I’m convinced – such a party is definitely worth a red hot go.

    But do they have the minerals?

  5. Liz45

    All this proves to me, that none of them give a damn about anyone or anything but their own selfish pursuits, either personal or extremist views. Pox on all their houses I say! I’ll stick with the Greens 1, and Labor 2! The conservatives go to the bottom of the pile – this only reinforces the fact, that I’ve been correct(not right) for years. Selfish bastards all!

    GST – the first time in this country, that those on the bottom rung of the income ladder were forced to suffer the most! I’ll never support the conservatives – ever! I’ll never forget either! Struggling women on sole parent benefits were pushed near the bottom, without the subsidies Howard gave to the more well off pensioners – those of us without savings got almost zilch!

  6. robbi64

    Bligh’s Revenge?

    Wentworth’s Folly?

    How about the … Whigtory Party?

    (The Judean People’s Front also comes to mind … but we don’t have a Judea in Australia. Am certain of that, almost as certain as I am that climate change is … something that happens on earth from time to time … not necessarily our fault … but something that happens and needs to be planned for if you live in a vulnerable place, irrespective of who’s fault it might be.)

  7. Andersson

    They don’t have the bottle to do it.

  8. The Zebras

    If Turnbull founded the Australian Republican Party I’d give them a red-hot go. But yep.. fat chance.

  9. baal

    Sorry this hissy critque was mistakenly posted as a comment on Mungo McCallum’s piece: Heavens, another overlong and digressive history lesson which would have been much better had its insights been fewer and pithier. C’mon editors, can’t you tap Rundle about the need for incisive brevity?

  10. wyane

    History to the defeated may say alas but cannot help nor pardon, and there will always be children who do not particularly want it to happen, and they fuck you up your mum and dad they don’t mean to but they do, they

    Sounds like Ron Hitler-Barassi. Call it the Bounce Party.

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