Nov 25, 2009

Turnbull vs the Liberal Party: a tweet by tweet account

The last leadership contest, Nelson-Turnbull, was just over a year ago and Twitter played virtually no role. How things have changed, -- for journalism and politics.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Never underestimate two things, I told someone yesterday, with one eye on coining a calendar quote. “Malcolm Turnbull’s capacity to piss people off, and the Liberal Party’s capacity for truly spectacular self-immolation.”

Courtesy of that splendidly combustible mix — cooled, oh so briefly, by the wet blanket of Kevin Rudd and Penny Wong assuring us that black was white, up was down and the CPRS will do something about carbon emissions — yesterday we discovered just how flat political journalism had become.

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2 thoughts on “Turnbull vs the Liberal Party: a tweet by tweet account

  1. John Bennetts

    Perhaps true, but very sad.

    That reporting should be thus brought low. I prefer my reporting to be collected, analysed, and with commentary. Not bl__dy tweets.

    And as for mobile phone ascendancy… as a carrier of at least two such devices for years, I still dislike the immediacy, the inaccuracy and the demanding nature of these (essential) toys.

  2. baal

    Andrew Robb ‘substantial’. Oh dear. Too ill to work on the ETS (thanks Ian) but well enough to do a bit of wrecking. And how come it is/was that nobody ever wrote much about the fact that Malcolm Turnbull’s bumptious eagerness to take the lead was as flawed a move as you could imagine – surely someone must have suggested to him that even if he didn’t blow taking the reins too soon, he’d lose the election, and his ego could hardly survive defeat – so what was the point? All very predictable. The rednecks hate him and so do the slimy mischief makers who want us to believe climate change is an ideology created by Bolsheviks.

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