It’s that time of year again, time to spread the seasonal cheer at office Christmas parties in every corner of the land. We here at Crikey are always keen to read any internal office missives dealing with seasonal arrangements. Forward your worst to [email protected]. See if you can top this one:

Email from Fairfax Community Network’s General Manager to all staff re 1920s-themed Christmas party:

As I have travelled around the offices in recent weeks I have heard a lot of discussion about tomorrow nights function – in particular about the 1920’s theme and the costumes etc. that people are planning to wear. A common theme for costumes seems to be the “gangster” look. I am pleased that so many people are getting into the “swing” if you will pardon the pun.

Importantly though I have received advice from our marketing department that anyone planning to bring replica guns to tomorrow nights function MUST have it concealed until they are INSIDE THE PREMISES.

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This advice was provided by the police who are aware of our themed event and were informed that staff may be carrying replica guns. To directly quote the police:

By law no one can have a toy gun unconcealed in public. If a member of the public contacts the police or if you are caught by police with an unconcealed toy gun you can be charged and you may even have to face court. Therefore, you MUST conceal your toy gun in a non-see through/non-transparent bag both on your way to and from the event.

If you still plan to come with your toy gun please be aware of this requirement, thanks and look forward to seeing you there tomorrow night.

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Sydney, NSW

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