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Nov 24, 2009

Datapig: what the rich people are reading

Ever wondered how much money they bloke next to you on the bus is earning? Crikey's Datapig compiles the stats on Australia's newspaper readership.


Ever wondered how much money they bloke next to you on the bus is earning? A quick glance at what he is reading might give you a clue.

The percentage of the readership of each of Australia’s major print publications has been graphed for your viewing pleasure. I’ve also included the relevant datapoint for Australia as a whole.


*Data compiled from a survey of the online demographics information provided by each print publication as at 20 November 2009.


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3 thoughts on “Datapig: what the rich people are reading

  1. John White

    Wonder where the Toowoomba Chronicle rates on the scale
    We know it is one of the worst papers in the planet in a town where more the half the population are scared to drink recycled water

  2. Mark Duffett

    It’d be interesting to see where Crikey plots.

  3. Doug

    You know, it amazes me that the Canberra Times is consistently omitted from these surveys. I would be very interested to see the % of its readers with a $50K + income. I suspect it would be significantly higher than most of the others. And frankly, it’s a disgrace that the national capital’s newspaper is left out.


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