Nov 16, 2009

Take your CPRS and shove it

Bernard Keane is sick of Penny Wong's tedious droning, Kevin Rudd's sanctimony, Coalition climate denialists, Barnaby Joyce, rentseekers and everything else tied up in the never-ending CPRS debate.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Welcome back to Parliament for the final time this year. Two more weeks of this stuff and then we’re finished for a summer that already feels like it’s been going a month. That’s assuming Anthony Albanese doesn’t keep his colleagues confined here at the end of next week, or even brings them back for another spell in December.

Wouldn’t want all those end-of-year “let’s all be best mates” speeches to get in the way of proper legislative business eh?

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122 thoughts on “Take your CPRS and shove it

  1. Graeme Lewis

    Gee – that’s the best Keane effort ever!!

    At last, someone gets it – we are all being hood-winked. But who by and why??

  2. meski

    An inevitability if the government and media kept droning away about it was that the public would get fed up with it.


    Bernard, we feel your pain and are, thanks to efforts like yours and a few others, quite aware of the pain the planet will feel in the coming decades; and no thanks to this hobbled camel aka the CPRS.

  4. whatiris

    Hear hear, I’m totally fatigued by the whole thing. The gulf between the debate and reality is vast. And the debate is dominated by ideology and sheer stupidity. It’s sad, slowly chipping away at my faith in humanity to be anything much more than reactive in the face of true crises.

  5. stephen

    I believe it’s “rent seekers seeking rent” Graeme. Well put Bernard, even if it’s just my latest “oh sh!t moment.

  6. jchercelf

    Sorry Kevin,

    Sorry, but time is running out for you to actually DO the most urgent item on your election Agenda – begin to fix Climate Change.

    Your beaming face in photo-ops is no substitute for making the unpopular decisions essential to save our planet. We will blame you – not Penny Wong – when we find it is all too little – too late.


    Spot on Bernard Keane

  7. Evan Beaver

    Terrific stuff BK. Your Falling Down moment? Let us know if you turn to the bottle.

  8. Most Peculiar Mama

    “…begin to fix Climate Change…”

    It’s not a flat tire dear.

    Statements like that show how stupid the debate has become and just why Bernard has rightly given up.

    Oh and the fact that he now realises it’s a crock.

    What took you so long?

  9. Evan Beaver

    Haha Mama!

    Immediate fail for using the wrong tyre.

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