Not least among the joys of Four Corners gobsmacking report on the climate change lunacy among the Libs, was Nick Minchin’s remark that climate change was just another stage in the anti-industrial campaigns of the Left ….first communism now the Green movement.

The esteemed Keane has pointed out the way in which the Right has oriented itself around anti-Leftism in the climate change debate, but what is also so bizarre about Minchin’s comments is how oooooold they are.

This dude is alcan foil hat central…

See how power works in this country.

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Quite aside from conflating two quite different things – communism was anything but anti-industrial as the smoking ruin of eastern europe can attest – Minchin’s idea of the green movement seems to be stuck in the early 70s ‘small is beautiful’ period.

For every Clive Hamilton, who does believe that climate change demands cultural change, there’s a James Lovelock – a world class scientist predicting a 6 degrees + rise, and who is advocating mass nuclear power station building. Indeed, the buzz has all been about green capitalism – about how the climate change challenge can be used to convert industry to more efficient energy use, to greater productivity.

Consumer capitalism isn’t unsustainable because of climate change – energy use can be easily turned over, if the global will is there. It’s unsustainable once generalised because it will scarf up all the water, habitats, etc etc. But that’s a separate issue, and one that not many are talking about.

Minchin’s lumping of all this together shows what ancient paranoic nonsense the climate change sceptics are working off. Lysenkoists of the right, long may they reign, for the public take one look at them and decide that they’re unfit for government.

See how power works in this country.

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Peter Fray
Peter Fray
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