Nov 12, 2009

Media Watch goes behind the nudes on Twitter

Two months ago, Scott Bridges joked on Twitter that he would do a "nudie run" if Jonathan Holmes ever said "pwned" on Media Watch. Three nights ago, Holmes said it.

Two months ago I had a throwaway, smart-arse thought as I sat on the lounge in front of Media Watch, so I tweeted it:

I will seriously do a nudie run around Brunswick if Jonathan Holmes ever says “pwned” on Media Watch.

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10 thoughts on “Media Watch goes behind the nudes on Twitter

  1. Pamela

    What does PWNED mean?

  2. Dermot McGuire

    Corruption of owned. Gamer/ chanboard talk.

    It means I win, you lose and are humliated.

    Hope this helps.

  3. RaymondChurch

    Evan that ‘Let me Google it’ is a miracle 🙂 I want it, I need it, do I google google to get it? I’m googly eyed.

  4. meski

    Let them QQ, the noobs. 🙂

  5. Evan Beaver

    I’m not saying anything Raymond. You can not find this; it finds you. You are clearly not worthy if it has not found you yet.

  6. Kieran Crichton

    So, when’s the nudie run around Brunswick?

  7. Scoogsy

    I saw that media watch episode – Best Ever!!

  8. Mr Pastry

    Media Watch should be ashamed of themselves controlling men with beards to go exposing themselves in the streets, quite rightly there is a law against it. It might be just twitter fun, but you tell that a judge. And Scott wants more of this behaviour – what if this twitter/TV conversation is used by terrorists – Kevin Rudd needs to act now in a hard but fare manner.

    PS Rupert see all the fun you are missing.

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