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You too, can be a (narrative) journalist! — Crikey Intern Michelle Loh

Crocwatch. NT News was back in form today with this lovely beast gracing its front page:

Where’s the love? Vox pop of the day brought to you by today’s NT News:

Obama makes nice with Fox News. President Obama will give an interview to Fox News’ Major Garrett, Drudge reports. The interview will take place in China next week and comes just one day after it was reported that Obama communications director Anita Dunn the so-called general in the administration’s war against Fox News will be stepping down. — Huffington Post

Online advertising grows and grows. Australia’s online advertising market has recorded continued growth, in a most challenging economic period, according to figures released this week by the Interactive Advertsing Bureau (IAB) Australia in its Online Advertising Expenditure Report (OAER). The report, which is compiled by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), showed that online advertising expenditure in Australia for the quarter ending September 30 2009 was the highest ever recorded, totaling $466 million. — MediabizNet

Google’s book bind. Google and a coalition of authors and publishers now have until Friday to submit a new plan on how to drain the swamp of copyright law to let Google build the digital library of the future. At issue is Google Book Search, the search and advertising giant’s ongoing digital scanning of millions of books from the country’s top university libraries. Books old enough to escape from copyright law are currently displayed in full at Google Books, but the settlement would give Google the right to show long snippets of copyrighted books that are out of print, as well as to advertise alongside them and sell them. That likely includes millions of books. — Wired

Dolly’s new editor. ACP Magazines has appointed TV Week deputy editor Tiffany Dunk to the role of editor for its teen magazine Dolly. She replaces Gemma Crisp and will report to and work closely with Dolly’s editorial director, Bronwyn McCahon. — Mumbrella

New mag to nab lesbian readership. Lesbians on the Loose magazine has been keeping Sydney’s queer women informed and entertained for 20 years and counting. The success of this stand-out magazine has prompted its publishers, Avalon Media, to launch its new title, Bound , which is set to shake up the lesbian publishing space. — Timeout Sydney

A photojournalist remembers the Iranian Revolution. On Christmas Day, 1978, photojournalist David Burnett arrived in Iran to cover the unrest that became the Iranian revolution. For six weeks, Burnett photographed everything from the shah posing outside his lavish palace to scenes of horrific, sudden violence; massive protests on the streets of Tehran; and intimate moments with Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. – Slate

NY Times tries crowd-funded journalism. The science section of The New York Times contained an unusual article on Tuesday. The story about a huge floating garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean was not written by a Times reporter but by a freelance journalist whose expenses were paid by hundreds of donors in an experiment in “crowd-funded” journalism. — Yahoo News

And journalism by group form email… New York Times Style section freelancer sent out this query today to Help A Reporter Out, the email service that connects flacks to reporters in need of sources.


Summary: Sing along with “Glee”
Media Outlet: New York Times
Region: United States
Deadline: 01:11pm EASTERN – 17 November

Story is for Styles section of the NYT. The topic: how is the hit show
“Glee” affecting kids’ participation in school choral groups or choruses
Are they joning in droves? Are they, in fact, startang their own such
groups. Is the show suddently making it, yes, COOL, to be part of a school
chorale Would like to hear from high school students, high school teachers
and music educators. NO OFF TOPIC RESPONSES PLEASE

So all you do is take some element of popular culture, like a popular television show, and then ask, provocatively: Is society itself changing in response to this pop culture thing? — Gawker

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