The Tamil asylum seeker issue remained number one despite the best efforts of Nick and Tony’s fruit loop academy, with the media criticism of the fruitless attempts to offload the 78 people onboard the Ocean Viking anywhere but Australia or Sri Lanka increasing and broadening daily.

Meanwhile did anyone notice that every single Liberal critic of Malcolm Turnbull’s climate policy on Four Corners on Monday was either a Senator or the owner of a very safe seat? I wonder why that could be? You’d almost think they actively don’t want Malcolm to do well … but that can’t be right, they are all Liberals after all…

Asylum seekers, state issues and Peter Garrett on everything from plastic bags to Traveston Dam to whaling were the features of political talkback this week.

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Rank Politician Talkback
1 Kevin Rudd 416
2 Peter Garrett 105
3 Malcolm Turnbull 72
4 Wayne Swan 65
5 Anna Bligh 51

He has indeed been burning bright in the media on his once a decade visit to the antipodes, with almost twice the coverage Kevin Rudd got for the week on TV within a couple of days.

Press Radio TV Internet Total INDEX
Tiger Woods 128 624 1,751 163 12,753 666

There’s more on the Media Monitors website.

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