Here at Crikey we get a truckload of press releases. So so many.

Not many stand out. Maybe Steve Fielding’s (he’s a funny man) but that’s about it. So I couldn’t help but laugh when I received the following presser this afternoon:

Concerned Tasmanians for Jason Krejza

On the first anniversary of Jason Krejza’s 12-wicket haul on his test cricket debut, a new community group has been formed to lobby for his inclusion in the test side.

Concerned Tasmanians for Jason Krejza (CT4K) has two key goals:

(a) To get Jason Krejza into the Australian test, one-day and 20/20 cricket sides, and
(b) To promote World Jason Krejza Day (6-10 November) on each anniversary of the Nagpur test where Krejza took world record figures of 12/358 on debut.

CT4JK Spokesperson Hugh Miller said that since Krejza’s demotion, Australian cricket has been in a state of disaster.

“Since Krejza was dropped, Australia lost a home test series to South Africa and the Ashes. We couldn’t even beat New Zealand at home in the one-dayers. Coincidence?” Mr Miller said.

“All this time we’ve endured the biggest non-turner in the history of Australian cricket, Nathan Hauritz, as a front-line spinner. It’s like a nightmare you can’t wake up from.”

“The Australian selectors are having a massive laugh at the fans’ expense.”

CT4JK’s website – – has been inundated with messages of support since its launch this week for World Jason Krejza Day (6-10 November 2009).

“World Jason Krejza Day’s theme this is year is Celebrate the figures. 12/358 on debut is a world record and we’re keen to get that message of hope into the community,” Mr Miller said.

“CT4JK will be running community events and spreading the word of Krejza.

“We’ll be sending a message that Andrew Hilditch and his band of so-called selectors cannot ignore. That message is “Pick Jason ‘Tassie’ Krejza.”


Uni students surely, I thought. David Boon? … nah. Could it be Bob Brown? Or his staff? He was born in NSW and played first class cricket for his home state. This doesn’t make sense.

Committed to finding out, I sent the following email:

Leigh Josey from Crikey here.

That’s the funniest media release I have seen for a while.

A few questions.

1) Is this in fact the work of Jason Krejza himself?

2) If not, does Jason Krejza know of/or endorse your organisation?

3) What are your thoughts of Nathan Hauritz?

4) Do you have a sister organistaion in NSW?

I received a prompt response from “Ben”. My god, they have people actually working on this?

Ben (it couldn’t be fellow Taswegian Ben Hilfenhaus could it???) replied:

Concerned Tasmanians for Jason Krejza is not a joke, if there is a joke in all of this it is the Australian selectors. There is a very serious point in all this, that is that Jason Krejza is the only legitimate post-Warne spinning option for the Australian cricket side. You’ll find an examination of the facts at

To answer your questions:

1 and 2) No, CT4JK doesn’t know Jason Krejza but we believe in his turning ability.

3) Nathan Hauritz is a blight on the game and threatens the team’s performance, morale and marketing potential. He only has one delivery — the nudie — i.e. the ball that doesn’t turn.

Krejza has dozens of options in his kitbag and isn’t afraid to use them. (If you’d like evidence of this please refer to his 12 wickets on debut)

4) No sister organisation in NSW, but like Jason himself, we will happily consider anyone who gets on board with the campaign as a Tasmanian.

My god. This may just work.