Is this a recipe for a %^&*#-on-camera disaster as the soufflé goes flat or the caramel burns?

Rupert Murdoch is getting into bed with Gordon Ramsay to make Masterchef for the American market: is nothing sacred?

US media reports revealed the plan for News Corp’s Fox Broadcasting to start Masterchef on American free-to-air TV.

It will be based on the format for the series in Australia (Ten Network) and the UK (BBC).

“Gordon Ramsay is the biggest cooking star on television today and one of the most dynamic personalities on Fox, so we jumped at the opportunity to work with him to bring Masterchef to the US,” Fox reality chief Mike Darnell said. Masterchef will be produced by Ramsay’s One Potato Two Potato production company, Reveille and Shine TV.

“The reality series format is owned by Reveille’s parent Shine Group, Daily Variety reported Monday, adding the series has aired on the BBC in various incarnations since 1990. In addition, an Australian version on the show premiered in April on Ten, according to Variety.

Masterchef has already become a cultural phenomenon in the UK and Australia, breaking ratings records in two of the world’s biggest markets,” said Reveille executives Mark Koops and Howard T. Owens.

“We’re excited to work with Fox to replicate that success while bringing a fresh, new US spin to this proven format.

“Fox is expected to order 12-15 one-hour episodes of the series, Variety reported, adding production is slated to start in the near future.”

So no mention of Ramsay’s real claim to fame; his constant abuse and swearing at people in his existing series on Fox (and the Nine Network here), Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. That’s seen Ramsay fall from TV viewing grace here as complaints were made to regulators about the abusive language. He is now a shadow of his former ratings glory for Nine and is an afterthought.

With the Ten Network here having first crack at material from Fox, will it move to make sure the Ramsay version of Masterchef doesn’t fall in to the hands of Nine (or Seven)?