Croc ‘n’ roll. Awesome. A giant croc eats a shark. The Nt News rightly splashes its front page with the yarn today:

Foxtel faux pas. In a favourable profile of Foxtel’s successful CEO Kim Williams in the Fairfax broadsheets,  Williams said this. ”For example, The Contender is about a match-off between a body of six Australians and three New Zealand boxers and the winner gets to fight Tony Mundine. It captures the essence of boxing, the big opportunity,” he says.

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No, Kim, Tony Mundine is another person. He’s a much older former boxer who fought in the 1970s. He’s the father of the man the winner of the contender will fight, Anthony Mundine, who is quite touchy about being mistaken for anyone else. He also doesn’t appreciate being called “Tony”. — Glenn Dyer

Sesame Street takes on Fox News. A writer at the conservative entertainment blog Big Hollywood has divined a new threat to Fox News. Rising from the cooling embers of the White House’s “War on Fox” comes a foe the likes of which the world has never seen: Sesame Street. That’s right, Big Hollywood is sounding the alarm, and the panic is spreading like Big Bird’s feathers in a windstorm. — Mediaite

Tele UK wins award for MPS expenses exposes. William Lewis, editor of The Daily Telegraph, accepted the Reporters World Award from King Juan Carlos of Spain at a ceremony at the Palace Hotel in Madrid. The award from El Mundo, the respected Spanish newspaper, was made in recognition of the international impact of the expenses coverage. More than 40 politicians announced their resignation in the wake of the investigation, including the Speaker of the House of Commons, which dominated the news agenda for weeks. — The Telegraph

African tech Twitter List @Whiteafrican compiled this neat Twitter List of Africa tech folks: mostly people from Africa or working in Africa, doing interesting things with technology on that continent. — Boing Boing

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