It is 7.45pm, Tuesday October 27,  in the Queensland parliament, debate continues on the Criminal Code (Honesty and Integrity in Parliament) Amendment Bill. Democracy is hard at work …

Mr McLINDON (Beaudesert — LNP): … This government has become so arrogant that it thinks that it can omit one of the most important sections of an act to ensure that it can protect its own and continue down the spiral of dishonesty. That concerns me so much that I decided to pen a poem — and I do not pen poems quickly. It certainly takes a lot of anger and a lot of frustration before I go to that extreme. But I put a few words together and I have called it You Can Count On Me.

Ms Darling interjected.

Mr McLINDON: It will brighten things up a bit. The member can stay awake that way.

In no way at all is this chamber a heaven
So I rise here tonight re section 57
And whilst I’ve only been here since 21 March
I must begin where it started with Linda Lavarch

In 2006 when things got a touch firey
Gordon’s porkies were the subject of an in-depth inquiry
It was Anna who defended the then member for Sandgate
And said to all Queenslanders “Gordo’s my mate”

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER: Order! Honourable member, I find the word “porkies” unparliamentary and I ask that you withdraw it.

Mr McLINDON: Is that so? That is news to me. I withdraw the word ‘porkies’. I will continue —

As Lucas and Barton said he was an “honest, decent man”

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER: Order! Honourable member, you will refer to the member by his proper title.

Mr McLINDON: No worries, Mr Deputy Speaker. I will continue —

As the ministers said he was an “honest, decent man”
As did other members such as Paul Hoolihan
But then things went backwards under closer inspection…

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER: Order! Honourable member, I have just asked you to call other members by their proper title, please.

Mr McLINDON: Yes, Mr Deputy Speaker —

But then things went backwards under closer inspection
So to save their mate dissolved a key section

The scary part is this is not just a fable
So imagine the talks around cabinet table
‘What can we do to get our mate off the hook?
If he goes down, how will we all look?’

So they tossed and they turned, they went into full throttle
And they did all they could to save their little green bottle
Situations turned desperate, some said it was dire
They knew with this smoke there was factional fire!

Jacqueline King knew that Gordo was to himself kiddin’
Telling ‘Sneaky Pete’s’ Chief of Staff, Mr Rob Whiddon
But Beattie and Whiddon put it down as a ‘whinge’
And kept those who leaked in the dark on the fringe

Control was then lost after Terry Wood’s sacking
Next thing it was on with all factions attacking

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER: Order! Honourable member, resume your seat, please. You are getting very close to referring to matters that are before the court. I ask you to have a look at standing order 233, which deals with sub judice, and I ask you not to refer to those matters again, please.

Mr McLINDON: Yes, Mr Deputy Speaker. Continuing on —

Mackenroth was in it ankle deep, dirty socks
His time was soon up so he fled like a fox

And now all broke loose with brown bags out and buying
And a culture began of misleading and lying

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER: Order! Honourable member, sit down, please. The Speaker today has made a statement with regard to the use of the word that you have just used. I ask you to withdraw that comment and I warn you that I am about to sit you down unless you can keep your speech within the standing orders.

Mr McLINDON: Yes, Mr Deputy Speaker. I was under the impression that it was the inference that somebody was lying. I take your direction.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER: Do not argue with me. Withdraw your comment and you may continue.

Mr McLINDON: I withdraw my comment and continue —

They know all the tricks and all the disguises
As a new breed erupts of mini Mike Kaisers
Queenslanders lose out — just like you and me
As the dodgy plant grows into a Labor family tree

And despite this deceit, they couldn’t care less
And pretend that they stand for a social justice
But the time is near soon where their days are no longer
As moves to oust the Premier grow stronger and stronger

So here is a bill from the LNP straight to you
And here is a chance to embrace what is true
The government can start their truth rehabilitation
And amend their ways to fall in line with the nation

So lets change a culture of fibs here and there
That left the A1GP up in the air
And the sales of assets and fuel tax as well
Since they’ve won the election!, we’ve all gone to hell!

Hon. RE SCHWARTEN (Rockhampton — ALP) (Minister for Public Works and Information and Communication Technology) (7.51 pm): I will let the previous member’s efforts speak for themselves …

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