Oct 30, 2009

Deceptive pink bits

This week we're giving the Wankley to products that pinkefy themselves with all sorts of glowing promises about their commitment to breast cancer research. Too bad the donations cost less than the feel good advertising it brings them.

Sophie Black

Crikey editor

Promoting awareness about breast cancer is nothing to sniff at. Neither is raising millions of dollars for much needed research into a disease that has affected at least one person we know.


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18 thoughts on “Deceptive pink bits

  1. meski

    I really tried to find James Hardie Industries in the pinkwash, but failed.

  2. Heathdon McGregor

    What about connex cure cancer day. One dollar from every ticket sold on a Saturday to go to cancer charities. How much does the continuous advertising cost really?

  3. Bullmore's Ghost

    When will cigarette packets turn pink?

  4. Doctor Whom

    Would it be a bit cheeky to suggest that the Breast Cancer research is not all that short of a bob or two compared to other cancers.

    A bit more $$ thrown into Bowel C ancer screening would save lives right NOW through early intervention. No iffs- no butts 😉 Save real lives.

    But bowels and shit aren’t pretty pink.

  5. gef05

    Well, to avoid offending you all the answer is simple: let’s tell big business not to donate.

  6. meski

    @Whom: Perhaps the Zune could contribute to bowel cancer then, they are the right colour.

  7. nicoled2806

    Why is the McGrath pink Visa card being criticised? They donate half of the card’s annual fee to the McGrath Foundation. If I’m not mistaken, 50% is a pretty generous amount compared to what all the other big businesses donate. Plus it’s not like people are going to decide to get a credit card and rack up huge amounts of debt just because it’s associated with breast cancer support.

  8. meski

    Like we need more credit cards. They’d need to get more than 12,500 people in to equal what Franklin’s water contribute. FAQ on the site doesn’t show how many.

  9. Dotty Daphon

    Men need to get off their bums and get a similar thing going for prostate cancer research because as many men die from this in Australia each year as do women of breast cancer.

  10. gef05


    “Like we need more credit cards. They’d need to get more than 12,500 people in to equal what Franklin’s water contribute.”

    Yes, how dare they offer a product and charge money for it.

    Let’s force them to create an entirely different product and service and then force them to charge a set fee for it so that they can donate more money to medical research.

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