Lateline gives us another classic – the Tony Abbott interview, in which the mad Monk suggests that the problem with the Indonesian solution is that it is less humane than the Pacific solution.


So now, the refugee debate has switched to how humane the various responses are?

I don’t think so-

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The vast majority of Australians don’t actively care what happens to refugees – on the other hand they don’t want them brutalised on their watch and at their hand.

The Liberal Party, having spent years brutalising them, has now cottoned on to the fact that people don’t like that, and made it a campaigning point.

But it’s like Martians trying to work out how the humans think. The Liberals can’t get the hang of the distinctions. So they overemphasise some things, while underemphasising others

Abbott tries to approximate concern – and in doing so reveals his alien, lizard-like nature. If anyone who was actually a Liberal saw the Abbott interview tonite they’d run a mile.