It had to happen. We’ve had The Biggest Loser, Dance Your Ass Off and now the ultimate weight-loss reality program, brought to you by the home of fatness, the US of A.

US TV industry reports say the ABC Network had bought, sight unseen, a new program to be known (tentatively) as Obese. It’s to be made by Biggest Loser executive producer J.D. Roth.

Six one-hour episodes of the documentary-style series have been ordered from production company 3 Ball, which will assemble the story of six people who are heavily overweight. The story will tell of their battle over a year to try to lose 50% of their body weight. No host, each story will be introduced by the person involved. The series won’t be seen on US TV until 2011.

Real fat TV at last. How about MasterFat Australia for the local version?