PM back up to number one and double his coverage from the last few weeks, back out and about purely because of parliament’s return and the issues at hand, no doubt, and nothing to do with the Opposition’s momentary outbreak of internal peace.

The Climate Minister and her shadow the biggest movers upwards, as you would expect, while the pretense that Barnaby Joyce is not the real leader of the National Party becomes thinner and thinner.

Stephen Conroy with a relatively rare appearance on the list as the Opposition stands up for the Telstra battlers to which it sold all those overpriced shares.

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PM stays number one on talkback owing to the asylum seeker issue, but still plenty of discussion of the merits of Malcolm and Penny Wong gets more than 100 calls as the denialists rally the troops.

Rank Politician Talkback
1 Kevin Rudd 324
2 Malcolm Turnbull 265
3 Penny Wong 102
4 Anna Bligh 43
5 John Brumby 24

Hoax or otherwise, truly extraordinary that this “story” received a single mention in Australian media, let alone 2776 of them.

Press Radio TV Internet Total INDEX
Balloon boy 39 84 262 219 2,776 151

There’s more on the Media Monitors website.

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