Hobart’s Theatre Royal has taken the bold step of banning the internationally popular and widely acclaimed theatre show Busting Out! from its historic hall. The venue does not have a curatorial policy for shows that simply want to hire it, so to ban a legit theatrical show in this manner really is without precedent.

Apparently Busting Out! by two ladies who do funny things with, and make jokes about, their boobs is not aligned with the board’s artistic policy. Instead, from December 16, Theatre Royal audiences can treat themselves to a night at the theatre with the artistically appropriate Boobs in the Wood. Theatre Royal’s own website promises the latter to be a ball tearing, side-splitting, cringe-worthy romp.

The co star of Busting Out!, Bev Killick, got a standing ovation the last time she performed at the venue, now she’s not even allowed in the (stage) door. Apparently shows where blokes make gags about breasts get the big tick of approval, but girls who want to get a laugh from their own just aren’t welcome.

Meanwhile, the Theatre Royal continues to get grants for the government on the basis of providing access for all. The producers state that well over 200,000 Aussies have now seen Busting Out! I wonder how much more popular they will need to be before they get a right royal welcome in Hobart?

The potential new Member for Higgins. A very flash pamphlet in the mail yesterday from our local member’s anointed heir. I just hope she isn’t angling for her predecessor’s old treasury post any time soon:

Charles Sturt Council in the western suburbs of Adelaide seems to suffer from the same affliction as the Victorian Councils — it is stacked with Labour party stooges. The latest proposal involves them apparently trying to do developers a favour by handing over the 4.7ha St Clair Park at Woodville. The 60-year-old park is full of large trees that will be removed to form roads and a high-density housing development.

Check out the councillors who voted against holding a public meeting on the proposal to inform their residents on Monday October 13 — Cr Wasylenko, Luscri, Wallis, Fitzpatrick, Agius, Angelino, Harley and Sykes. There are plenty of Labor party staffers among that bunch!

Also check out what the mayor said on Stateline SA on Friday October 9: “This is a brilliant idea by the City of Charles Sturt” and “we are going to do this”, “But, we have to go through the consultation process”.

If that’s not a foregone conclusion, what is? The council won’t even consider the consultation report and vote on it until the end of October, but the mayor already knows what the result is! Democracy at its best!

News today that Sydney’s controversial CBD Metro railway to Rozelle (i.e. nowhere) will cost at least $2 billion more than planned (i.e. up to $7 billion) reinforces doubts about what this rail link is for, and why the NSW government is so keen to pursue it despite refusal by Infrastructure Australia and the federal government to fund it.

According to a public transport lobby group, EcoTransit, it’s the brainchild a group of bureaucrats within the state government who want to thwart and thereby “discipline” Sydney’s CityRail by setting up an alternative private, non-union network.

In effect a Thatcherite political experiment. Details here.

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