Malcolm Turnbull stays number one with a sizeable gap in broadcast to not so Joltin’ Joe and He Who at the Moment Chooses to Remain Silent, otherwise known as Kevin. Perhaps Malcolm and Nathan Rees could swap jobs, they’re already held in equally high regard by our Dear Leader? Just a thought…

Peter Costello gets one last bit of PR as a polly, before announcing that he is setting up his own merchant bank to show that he can kill ‘em in the rough and tumble of corporate life as well as being a gun barrister and the world’s greatest ever Treasurer … don’t hold my breath, you say?

Chris Evans way up the list owing to a number of Tamils not feeling all that comfortable about staying in Sri Lanka for some reason and Stephen Smith way down as the earthquakes subside.

PM back to the top of the list, but other than that its all Liberals, some jumping on bandwagons, some waving goodbye and others just drowning, not waving.

Rank Politician Talkback
1 Kevin Rudd 269
2 Malcolm Turnbull 222
3 Colin Barnett 78
4 Joe Hockey 69
5 Peter Costello 48

Another one bites the dust. Ah, the lure of professional sport, money and fame making people happy to sign employment contracts with conditions that would make any normal person spit chips.

Press Radio TV Internet Total INDEX
Frank Farina 124 323 527 167 6,010 285

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