Ten forty pm, and news.com.au finally gets up a report of Mark Scott’s speech – from Agence France-Press! And the headline?

Taxpayer funded news “the future”: ABC Boss.

Er, that’s  not quite what he said. See my reports and the copy of the speech here.

This story appears four hours after the speech was delivered, and nearly nine hours after it was distributed to the media under embargo.

The Australian’s Michael Body did better.Fairfax are running an edited version. Lets see what the dead tree editions bring tomorrow.

The mainstream media should get it straight. After all, the media luminaries were all there, including Murdoch’s man, Phil Gardner, the ultimate boss at the Herald and Weekly Times . I wanted to ask Gardner for comment on Scott’s speech, but he disappeared outside, while talking on his mobile phone, before I had a chance.

Others spotted listening to Scott included former Age editor Andrew Jaspan and Crikey publisher Eric Beecher as well as ABC Board member Steven Skala and  a host of ABC luminaries and staffers.