Dead caravanette near RockyBottomCk

Rust In Peace‘ is scrawled on the side of the sorry remains of this poor little Jayco pop-top caravan abandoned about 50 metres off the Central Arnhem Road 460 kilometres ir so from the Stuart Highway.

The poor thing had obviously had a hard life and, having just dragged my vehicle up the same road, I know that it would have been having a very hard time of it – at least my vehicle is built to take these roads – this poor thing was built for freeways and suburban roads. That it lasted the best part of 30 years is some kind of testament to either the people that built it or the care of the drivers that owned it.

Dead caravanette2 near RockyBottomCk

And the owners obviously got their moneys worth – as the shot below indicates, they had been dragging it around the countryside for the best part of 30 years until it finally expired on a dusty, corrugated stretch of road in the centre of Arnhem Land sometime earlier this year.

Dead caravanette3 near RockyBottomCk

And as the good people at the East Arnhem Land Tourist Association reckon, there are at least two good reasons why dragging a caravan up the Central Arnhem Road is not recommended:

The Central Arnhem Road is not recommended for caravans, only sturdy off-road camper trailers. The Northern Land Council will not approve a permit to tow a caravan into East Arnhem Land and Dhimurru Land Management Aboriginal Corporation will not issue a Visitor Recreation Permit to anyone with a caravan.