I have been an Obama booster from the earliest days of the US Democrat’s primaries contest. Without being too starry eyed, I continue to hold out a lot of hope for what he might be able to achieve as President, and have sometimes found myself chiding other people for being too cynical about Obama and what he might be able to achieve.

But as high as my opinion of Obama is, I really can’t understand why he has just been awarded.

There have certainly been some odd winners of this award in the past – Henry Kissinger probably being the most notorious – and in that context Obama looks good in comparison.  Undoubtedly Obama has also made some promising actions – not least his very significant speech in Cairo and his apparent determination to move things forward for Palestine and Israel.

But as much as I hope Obama succeeds in these areas and others such as nuclear disarmament, surely it is far too early to pass out awards on whether his approach will bear positive fruit.

It’s not Obama’s fault that he has been given this award, but it seems to be based on the possibility and promise of peace, rather than looking at the outcomes in the real world.