But is it entertaining? Hey Hey, filled with racist and sexist jokes, invites backward-thinking “comedy” like this. This sketch was simply emblematic of what is wrong with Hey Hey It’s Saturday. Completely lacking in satire, or any other contextual exploration of race and performance, the viewers of Hey Hey It’s Saturday last night witnessed what Hey Hey It’s Saturday is really about. It’s a largely unfunny throwback to a time gone by. Our comedy tastes have developed and progressed beyond what the show has to offer. One can respect Hey Hey It’s Saturday for what it provided us in the past, but it simply doesn’t meet the standards of modern day entertainment. — Dan Barrett, Televised Revolution

Whoops, Good Health is too tall. The production people at ACP Magazines forgot to check the latest issue of Good Health against the nice counter units they sent out a few months ago. The magazine which arrived yesterday is too big. Like many newsagents, we will remove the counter unit. — Australian Newsagency Blog

Twitter to take over the world. Are Microsoft and Google hoping to get into Twitter’s treasure trove of real-time information? Yes, says Kara Swisher of AllThingsD, citing sources who indicate that the two companies are separately in talks with Twitter about data licensing deals. — Cnet

Bridal mags aren’t dead yet. The emotional-industrial-military bridal complex continues to backstop our economy, even at a time when many people can’t afford cheese. Engaged couples might be cutting back somewhat, but they are not postponing their weddings. Turns out you can live without the satin slipcovers after all. More importantly, the internet can’t chip away at bridal magazines as much as it can (and does) news, sports or entertainment publications. Simply put, flowing, fluttery gowns demand the high-quality gloss that they can only get on the printed page. — AdvertisingAge

China no longer wants to hide. The inaugural World Media Summit kicked off in Beijing yesterday, as representatives of 132 media organizations from 69 nations gathered under the theme of “Cooperation, Action, Win-Win and Development.’ — Joongang Daily

Dr. Phil a Brainwasher? Never! Reports surfaced today of a very strange lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court against Dr. Phil McGraw, two producers and another doctor. The lawsuit includes many claims, but most notable are false imprisonment, practicing with out a license and indecent exposure. — Mediaite