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Oct 8, 2009

The world sees red over Hey Hey‘s blackface

Whilst reanimating the fetid corpse of Hey Hey it's Saturday, the show's producers decided to also revive some ol' fashioned 20th century bigotry, by putting on a Minstrel Show. Pundits across the pond didn't quite see the funny side.

Because Australia doesn’t cop enough flack for being a racist backwater, the good folk propping up the reanimated corpse of Hey Hey it’s Saturday decided last night that no nostalgia trip into the country’s murky cultural past would be complete without reviving some ol’ fashioned 20th century bigotry.


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58 thoughts on “The world sees red over Hey Hey‘s blackface

  1. Me

    At the risk of continuing this derailment …

    Stephen, I’m with you totally on the points about Howard/refugees/children … but still not with you on the ‘Jacksons’ skit. I still fail to see how a skit (in an effort to be fun & frivolous), by a multicultural group of guys, parodying a group they all claim to have loved, can have caused so many people to cry ‘racism!’!?

    As LUVYUHSALL said :-

    (HOW) “Is colour related to being a “bafoon”

    ……When will we stop judgeing a man by the colour of his skin…………

    This whole skit is only about colour to those who are inherently racist. I didn’t hear anything that indicated the black was inferior or superior. Where is the racism (judgement) based on colour?”

    Blame them for being useless at singing, dancing and comedy but please leave the cries of ‘Racism!’ to the true perpetrators of this evil.

  2. stephen

    Glenn, I think we can agree to disagree about Howard, and I’m glad to hear you find ill treatment as distatseful as I do. What are your ideas about how we can prevent the systemic abuse of refugees in the future, and what are thoughts about what caused it in the past?
    Because mate,”there but for the grace of God go I”.

  3. Glenn

    I dont know that there was abuse and neither do you.

    They have to be contained and returned home ASAP they shouldnt be treated any worse than prisoners and no better, they did come here illegally after all.

    The main problem is the time it takes to process them, this should be done within a few weeks not months on end, thats where the problem lies.

    Any genuine refugees should be settled here but where do you draw the line ?

  4. Glenn

    What the hell has this got to do with Hey Hey ???????????????
    Let’s leave it there……………

  5. Venise Alstergren

    EUAN J THOMAS: All the same I would rather Australians got upset at our own unique racism than groveling, yet again-to the sensitivities of the English and the Americans of all people.

  6. stephen

    It’s got everything to do with Hey, Hey. The “othering” process permits abuse,and so pervasive we don’t recognise it when it’s staring us in the face, black or white or in between.

  7. Heathdon McGregor

    Channel nines new Friday night line up

    7.30 Mind your language
    8.30 Love your neighbour
    9.30 Til death us do part
    10.30 It aint half hot mum

    Race based comedy-its not racist its comedy.

    Comedy that excentuates racial stereotypes is race based.

    All in all if you dont like it you can turn the channel, like I did.

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