Not sure if Malcolm is a Kipling fan, but if he is one can imagine a fair bit of If, Gunga Din and of course The Man Who Would be King running through his mind at the moment, while Maxine McKew starts to think about what holding a safe seat will be like and Joe Hockey starts sweating. Hard to be the next leader if you’re not in parliament. Meanwhile for K-Rudd a double dissolution around February/March must be awfully tempting and at least gives us tragics something to talk about.

Stephen Smith and Bob McMullan up the list because of the series of natural disasters across our region while Julia Gillard and Penny Wong slip down the list.

And around the rest of the shop it’s the periphery at the centre, with a domestic in S.A. and the Gold Coast asserting its “unique nature” yet again.

To state the bleeding obvious, if elections were decided only by those who ring up talkback radio stations this country would be a very different place.

Rank Politician Talkback
1 Malcolm Turnbull 604
2 Kevin Rudd 254
3 Mike Rann 111
4 Peter Dutton 64
5 Anna Bligh 43

Shock, amazement, only TV seems to care about the golden split, but we have noticed the drastic shortening of odds on the Shark ending up with more wives than majors.

Press Radio TV Internet Total INDEX
Greg Norman 96 52 807 238 2,444 255

There’s more on the Media Monitors website.