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Oct 7, 2009

Keysar Trad: My humble contribution to the polygamy debate

Decriminalising polygamy and removing its social social stigma will further guarantee the rights of women, argues Keysar Tradin response to Shakira Hussein's piece in yesterday's Crikey.

The Polygamy debate last year produced results. Thanks to Crikey, the ABC, Seven’s Sunrise, 2UE and a number of online publishers, the federal attorney general introduced laws to give some rights to spurned mistresses.

I feel honoured and privileged to have been chosen to make my humble contribution to that debate. I am delighted that I have offered a service to women in Australia.

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6 thoughts on “Keysar Trad: My humble contribution to the polygamy debate

  1. Jim Reiher

    Since when is there really – I mean really – a polygamy debate? No offence intended to the author of this piece. But a real polygamy debate in Australia? It could never get off the ground.

  2. Nadia David

    Keyser, you’re kidding yourself. For starters, I’m not entirely sure what you were saying there. Seems you were too busy trying not to make statements that might offend, so you just didn’t say anything at all. Except that you don’t mind guys shacking up as long as they’re in prison, and polygamy is about so much more than just sex.

    But I agree with Jim, what debate? Polygamy isn’t illegal here except when everyone wants to marry each other. If I want to have a harem of men, I can. If I want to be one of ten ‘wives’, I can. The marriage part is only a certificate – I would have the same rights, under the new legislation, as any of the other defacto missuses around. Where’s the debate?

  3. Bernard Keane

    This could be the single most self-serving load of rubbish ever published in Crikey, and that’s saying something.

    If you’re looking for another partner Keysar take out a personals ad like normal people.

  4. james mcdonald

    You’ve all missed Keyser’s reasons:

    “I did not create the debate, it came to me, I do not like generating controversy, however, if it comes to me, I will address it forthrightly with outright conviction in the wisdom of my Creator Whose work I am honoured to do. Some unjustly view my faith in the wisdom of God as controversial.”

    Keyser is a prophet. A messenger. You don’t think it’s a legitimate debate, take it up with the Almighty.

  5. Irfan Yusuf

    Keysar, if you ever drove anywhere near my house, my devout Indian Muslim mother would be waiting on the front porch for you with a shot gun. She isn’t exactly a fan of the kind of arguments you put forward for polygamy as they display a fraudulent concern for women and are a cover for what are in fact grossly misogynistic attitudes of mosque presidents who don’t allow women (or indeed non-Lebanese men) to be full members of their association.

    Mosque presidents such as a former President of the Lebanese Moslems Association named Keysar Trad.

    But then, what would my “ammi” know? As you once said, India is a nation dominated by the lowest of the low …

  6. Jillian Whittaker

    I notice that there is no mention of one of the most significant benefits for a male of polygamous relationships in Australia. Multiple wives with children are deemed as single parents and get all of the financial benefits that comes with that legal status. If Keysar Trad had argued against that instead of the false concern with women who need “protection” from their own choices to become mistresses he may have a debate. Keysar Trad should be arguing that those who are in polygamous relationships should not be claiming this benefit and that the man should take financial responsibility for all of his wives and children. He is silent on this impost on the Australian social security system.

    Australian people have no reason to debate as there is no belief among the general community for the unequal relationships Keysar Trad prefers. If he were arguing that this cosy financial relationship, which is very lucrative for those who import second third and fourth wives based on other countries marriage laws, should be altered in the social security legislation he would have a point worth listening to. In fact, in total opposition to his argument, polygamy is not criminalised but rewarded financially. Children of de facto unions are not stigmatised but given every opportunity to succeed in life.

    Although Keysar Trad is delighted to offer “service” to Australian women there are very few who appreciate or want such a service. His attitude may sit well with those stuck in the past when women had no rights to own property or to make decisions for themselves, were denied education and were considered the chattels of men but it is out of kilter with community views in Australia. The only reason he is ever invited to a debate is so that the rest of the Australian population can have a laugh. He does the honourable Muslims who form the vast majority in Australia no service at all.

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