Summer’s nearly upon us but if rumours from inside Nine are true then a different type of Somers could become a permanent fixture on Nine’s programming schedule. Daryl. Yes, he who stopped the “encore” performance of last week’s massive hit reunion of Hey Hey It’s Saturday on the weekend may finally return to a permanent or semi-permanent role if tonight’s return of Hey Hey rates in excess of 1.6 million. Given last week’s ratings bonanza (and Nine’s desperation for a hit) expect Daryl’s old “Aquarius” dressing room to be cleaned out for the prodigal son. Soon.

Peter Dutton was the guest speaker at Monday night’s Gatton LNP Branch meeting. Where is Gatton — slap bang in the middle of the new seat of Wright! Funny for a MP/Shadow minister from Brisbane to drive all the way to Gatton to be their guest speaker for a branch of around 30 members.

Is the RACV Board in breach of their Articles of Association? How can senior RACV executives be on salary incentives that are predicated on achieving certain levels of profit, surely this is in direct conflict with the founders’ aims for the organisation? Has the RACV Board at anytime sought legal advice on this potential conflict, and if so, what was the advice they received?

How not to grab a bargain. Coles/Wesfarmers Vintage Cellars has a real deal going at the moment: True story from Neutral Bay, Sydney outlet last Friday night: Current release Leo Buring Clare riesling is “on special” at $21.99. But wait! The normal or non-special price as displayed on the sticker behind the special sticker is $19.99. Same goes for the Buring Eden Valley riesling a few bottles away on the same shelf.

Being a pedant I asked the assistant for a bottle at the normal price — I mean, I have a degree in economics and know a thing or two about the rational consumer, Adam Smith etc. — he advised that I couldn’t as it’s “all in the computer” but he did agree that it was madness.

A friend tells me this is standard practice at Vintage Cellars. They have a “special” which involves increasing the single bottle price a couple of dollars but reduce the six bottle and 12 bottle price, which is what happened here. … Trouble was I was at a BYO down the road and had no need or desire to walk out with a case of wine on my shoulder.

I took images of the special price tag as well as the normal price tags so I could retell the story with a degree of evidential backing and so my friends didn’t think I was hallucinating. I also happen to be a Wesfarmers shareholder so I guess it was a “lose/win situation”.

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