I think that the person with easiest job at The Daily Telegraph must be whoever gets to watch ABC Comedy shows and preview DVDs until they find something that they think is controversial, then ring the Australian Families Association for a quote from an outraged spokesman.

Today the target is John Safran, the show doesn’t air for another two weeks, and yet the Australian Family Association have declared it “filth”. The AFA then hilariously go on to say “its certainly not something that kids should be exposed to,” which makes me wonder what type of audience they think the ABC is pitching this show to? If anything John Safran did was scheduled after Play School I’d be the first one on the phone questioning the mental faculties of the ABC programmers, however his programs are appropriately rated and scheduled for the adult audience at which they’re aimed.

The Daily Telegraph seeks out third parties like the Australian Family Association when it’s trying to whip up its latest moral panic because it provides easy column inches and outrage sells papers. What it doesn’t do is trust that its readers can make their own choices about what they do or don’t want to watch on TV without its paternalistic guidance.