Interesting to hear Labor make great fun of Peter Dutton’s failure to be pre-selected. At least the Libs have rank and file democracy; even if that’s all they have! How about Rudd guarantees the same rank and file involvement in pre-selections for the next election? The big rumour is ALP Nat Sec will be handpicking most candidates.

Here is sunny Canberra, Annette Ellis has apparently been told to make room for Rudd’s Chief of Staff Alistair Jordan; that another Rudd staffer Tim Dixon will get Macquarie, that yet another Rudd staffer Corrie McKenzie or her partner (Assistant National Secretary) has been promised a seat in the ACT (Kate Lundy’s senate spot is apparently up for grabs) and that Bob McMullan will be told to rack off for George Williams …

Interesting to see how many Labor electorates do not get rank and file votes!

Is it true that the ABC is in the process of locking up exclusive radio coverage for all the Australian domestic and international one day cricket matches this season (and reportedly for a couple more), which will mean that sports stations like SEN in Melbourne will be locked out?

Some in ABC sport see it as sweet justice for the way the national broadcaster has been relegated to third ranked status in the AFL radio coverage, especially in Melbourne and the other AFL markets. In Sydney the NRL has locked the ABC out of the Monday night game in favour of the ailing Triple M.

The ABC is not happy about being downgraded with the AFL and NRL.

Seems as though Triple M in Sydney will resort to anything for ratings. In an online gallery showcasing women that look like men, their misogynistic and homophobic views become quite clear. The majority of the women identified are actually gay, and the remainder are leaders of sport or politics. Is there something about attacking powerful women that grabs ratings in desperate times?

Not to worry, plenty to keep you distracted in the meantime — how about a poll on which code of football has the hottest girlfriends? As a male I find this offensive and it annoys me that behaviour like this is seen as raw masculinity. No thanks Triple M.

And which Sydney business leader, recently separated, can’t use a well-known national dating service because it would be a “related party transaction” but has been using instead a rival service that seats up to six at dinner?

Re. Yesterday’s CityRail virus tip. A mate took this pic on his way to NOFX at the Hordern:

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