The Australian Coal Association’s campaign against the Government’s emission trading scheme has been undermined from the outset by the Association’s own website, which features material that directly contradicts the claims in its campaign, and by the CFMEU, which has attacked the campaign as "blatantly dishonest."

The campaign was unveiled yesterday with considerable fanfare due to the involvement of Neil Lawrence, who was responsible for the successful “Kevin ‘07” Labor advertising campaign before the last election.

The ACA claims in its campaign that the CPRS will "cost the industry more than $14b over 10 years", cause 16 coal mines to close prematurely and cost 9000 jobs. The figures are drawn from an Association-commissioned report by ACIL Tasman which compared a CPRS-based reference with "business as usual", involving significant industry growth. The 16 mine closures forecast are all of mines that would have closed anyway within a few years under "business as usual". The 9000 figure relied on an employment multiplier of 3 -- i.e. only 3000 coal mining jobs were actually forecast to be lost.