Talkback caller of the week: Yes, and it’s only Monday. This morning caller Chris rang in to 2GB’s Ray Hadley for advice on washing towels, as requested by “the wife”, who’s out shopping.

Listen as Hadley coaches the inexperienced washer through the delicate process of working the machine. Tune in as Chris explains his confusion over how many towels to put in at once “I measured the wet towels on the scales to make sure they were the correct weight”, hang there with bated breath as Chris, with “finger on the emergency stop button …” tells listeners: “there are suds coming out the top!”

And stay tuned as Ray gently guides Chris through the “second operation” — hanging the washing out. Hadley: “Ok — have you got pegs? Don’t just flop them over the line, you have to PEG THEM! Take the second towel and use the second peg to …” and so forth.

And if that doesn’t work? Ray’s advice: “Collapse into the foetal position when she comes home if you bugger it up and say … look, I’m not made for this.”

Grand *ahem* sale:

I wish they had put a bit more space between the F and the I in final. Page 26 of today’s independent weekly online. — A Crikey reader

Obama satisfies Letterman: The most telling thing David Letterman has said in a while may have been a brief comment he made last Monday, as he wrapped up an hour with President Obama: “I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to watch you work,” the famously crotchety Late Night host said matter-of-factly. — Newser

Don’t have a cow man: India’s new-media savvy Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor has tweeted up a domestic political tempest in a country where sensitivities are ever on a hair-trigger alert for any sign of religious or class offence. — The Huffington Post

What is technology? A QUICK quiz. What do girl-on-girl violence in schools, not being able to spell the word liaison and the elimination of the middle class have in common? That’s right, MindGamers! They’re just three modest examples of the multitude of social ills being blamed on (insert scary Beethoven riff in a mobile phone Casio tone here) technology. — Emma Tom, The Australian

iPods — The newest form of modern warfare: You wouldn’t expect much Chris de Burgh or Barry White to come floating over the barbed-wire fences around military camps in Iraq or Afghanistan, and Pieslak’s research confirms the hunch. The playlists are dominated by Slayer, Metallica, Eminem and others. — The Guardian

Whisky lovers bond over the internet: Whisky drinkers rejoice: there’s now a social network just for you. Connosr is a place to review whiskies (spelled the Scottish way), connect with other whisky connoisseurs and find new whiskies you might like. — Mashable

The end is nigh for accountability journalism, claims Shirky: NYU professor and internet thinker Clay Shirky gave a talk Tuesday at the Shorenstein Centre on the Press, Politics and Public Policy, our friends just on the other side of Harvard Square. His subject was the future of accountability journalism in a world of declining newspapers. —  Nieman Journalism Lab

What the tweet? Justine Bateman called to talk to us about how she called some Twitter users “human waste” and “jackass” the other day. And, in about a half-an-hour, the screenwriter and prolific Tumblr-er distilled some important lessons for everyone. — Gawker

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