Sep 24, 2009

It’s speech night at the UN summit: Gaddafi goes off

Which politician hasn't been at a podium somewhere in the past 24 hours spouting their own brand of rhetoric?

Which politician hasn’t been at a podium somewhere in the past 24 hours spouting their own brand of rhetoric?

The UN Summit in New York meant many speeches, the most notable of which (not for the right reasons) was Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s barking mad effort, full of conspiracy theories and six times longer than his alotted 15 minute slot. As Ed Pilkington writes in The Guardian:

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4 thoughts on “It’s speech night at the UN summit: Gaddafi goes off

  1. Stilgherrian

    Just who is minding the country?

    I thought that totally hot ranga chick was in charge.

    Can you say “totally hot”? I seem to remember reading somewhere…

  2. michael crook

    I agree with Gaddafi, the Iraq war was, is, a war crime and the perpetrators including our own beloved John Winston, should certainly be facing an international war crimes tribunal. I recently heard Rupert Murdoch being compared to Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister for Propaganda, Murdoch certainly did his job of selling the war very well. Should he also face trial? How come when we commit war crimes its ok and when “they” do it it becomes terrorism.

  3. Tom McLoughlin

    The abc reported some things about his speech omitted here – that the security council should not have a veto. That more people have died in wars since WW2 than during it and the UN failed to prevent them.

    The notion that Africa has been plundered by cynical colonialist commercial interests feeding off localised wars is also not that novel actually. Also the article doesn’t mention his current tenure chosen to lead the African Union for one year.

    There is no analysis about how his quixotic or even perverse speech might have been shaped to appease disparate interests there. Who for instance in the UN gives a flying proverbial about “Western Sydney” in PM Rudd’s speech?

    Even so we can be sure Rudd was voted for unlike the Libyan.

  4. Tom McLoughlin

    Today’s item 17, and I quote in case the Libyan is onto something?!, what a hoot:

    Professor Peter Collignon, of the Clinical School at the Australian National University, writes:

    In 1976, a small group of soldiers at Fort Dix in the US were infected with a swine flu virus. It had an apparent high mortality rate and was deemed similar to the virus responsible for the great 1918-19 worldwide flu pandemic. The US government initiated an unprecedented effort to immunise every American against swine flu. More than 40 million Americans received the vaccine — but the disease never spread to the population.

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