Will Conroy kill free TV? With the government committed to building a new national broadband network regardless of cost, free-to-air television networks are facing the severest of threats. — Business Spectator

Buy the ‘flat tyre’ for only 1.1 mil: What the motoring writers never tell you about expensive cars. This is the big boys toy: the Lamborghini Reventón. It costs a claimed 1.1 million euros. Here’s what the word means in Spanish, according to Wikipedia: it all depends how you use the word (verb/noun/adjective) and what context, like so many things:

The Reventón is named after a fighting bull in keeping with tradition. The bull, raised by the don Heriberto Rodríguez family, was best known for killing famed bullfighter Félix Guzmán in 1943.[9][10] Reventón means “explosion” or “burst” in Spanish, when used as a noun.[11][12] In the vernacular, it is also used to define a very large party or a night on the town. It’s commonly said “vámonos de reventón”, which means “let’s go party tonight.” In automotive terms, it means “blowout, flat tyre” when used as a noun.[13] When it was used as the name of a bull, however, it was intended to be interpreted as an adjective, a quality or property of that bull in particular. In this last sense, means “he who seems to be about to burst”.

Seeing it’s a car, the automotive version seems the most fitting, doesn’t it? None of the boys toys writers would be seen dead in a car called “flat tyre’ or ‘The Burster’. Hardly Top Gear, is it?  — Glenn Dyer

Warnings to go on airbrushed photos? A group of French politicians, led by an expert on eating disorders, wants to put warnings on airbrushed photo spreads in magazines as well as doctored shots used in advertisements and packaging. According to the British newspaper The Telegraph, 50 French members of parliament are behind the Bill, which had its first reading last week. The legislation’s chief proponent is Valerie Boyer, author of a report on eating disorders and a member of the same party as President Nicolas Sarkozy, who himself has seen his love handles airbrushed by Paris Match. His ex-model wife, Carla Bruni, is also likely no stranger to a retouching. — Advertising Age

Save the newspapers from Obama: The last thing newspapers need is the sort of help from the government that turns them into NPR, endlessly begging for contributions, pursuing wealthy philanthropists, and standing in line for government handouts. — Slate

Getting The Sack Plot: After five years at the same agency, a creative team is given their pink slips after a big account walks. They decide to document their redundancy*…. — Campaign Brief

Walking the aisles of Walmart: People of Walmart was founded in August of 2009 by three friends and roommates after an inspirational trip to Walmart. We personally have nothing against Walmart. We, along with most of America, shop at Walmart for nearly everything we need. This site is simply a satirical social commentary of the extraordinary sights found at America’s favorite store. Walmart is Americana baby, enjoy! — People of Walmart

Mediaweek 50: the most influential media figures you’ve never heard of  — Mediaweek

Most controversial magazine covers of all time: these covers can serve as object lessons for what to do and what not to do with design and editorial. — Web designer depot

Dow Jones to shutter Far Eastern Review. The Far Eastern Economic Review, a 63-year-old magazine that in its prime rattled Asia’s authoritarian powerbrokers with its rigorous reporting, will be shut in December. — Yahoo Finance

* Disclosure: Deputy Editor Sophie Black is married to one of the aforementioned sacked admen.

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