Sep 21, 2009

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29 thoughts on “The Day After…

  1. Heathdon McGregor

    What a shock! The glamour club of the AFL (sorry Eddie) get the umpiring decisions go their way against the battling Bulldogs.
    The football gods will have their revenge on Riewoldt, just ask Jeff White.

  2. paddy

    Oh dear. I had a nasty feeling that today’s FDOTM might be a tad downbeat.
    Commiserations FD.
    Clearly, on Monday mornings like this one, not even the thought of Collingwood being thrashed can lift a dog’s spirits.
    More pins please!!!!

  3. John Donovan

    Hey First Dog. Why not reserve your vitriol for a club more deserving, like the Lions, Swans or the Pies. As a lifetime Saints supporter, I have rarely been given the chance to dream the impossible dream. I was only 2 when they last bought home the flag, and suffered the pain of being at the ’97 final. I tried not to cry.

    This morning I picked up my GF ticket, but I’ll be on a plane to Kathmandu when the game is on. I’m giving the ticket to my brother, who loves the Saints as much as I do. Such is the generous spirit of my being.

    So, please, forget the past and if you can find it in your heart to support the Saints on this one day in September, we will all love you just that little bit more. Especially if you could do a special “St Kilda wins the GF” FDOTM cartoon panel on Monday??? We’ve had 26 wooden spoons, and only one flag. Make it a t towel, and I’ll buy 10 of them.

  4. Mark Duffett

    Oooh yes, that ‘incorrect disposal’ free was indeed a shocker. I was sitting at the opposite end of the ground, 200 metres away at the base of the Ponsford Stand, and even from there it was obvious that he’d kicked it. At least you can console yourself with the thought that McInerney should also (along with the Bulldogs) miss out on a Grand Final appointment on the basis of that decision alone, and maybe the first few senior games in 2010 as well.

  5. Amber Jamieson

    Thank you for your wise words John Donovan. I plan on wearing my Saints scarf to the Crikey office all week.

  6. John Donovan

    Bless you Amber.

    There is a place in heaven at the right hand of Barry Breen awaiting you once you shuffle off this mortal coil.

  7. acannon

    Where can I buy some of the bitter pills? Do they come in other brands?

  8. Leigh Josey

    I just had my comment deleted! And I work here! Why do you hate freedom First Dog?

  9. meski

    The thought of Collingwood being thrashed can make everyone feel good.

  10. Sophie Black

    dignity in defeat, Dog. dignity in defeat. take inspiration from your brave lads who fought back tears in the face of bitter disappointment on Friday night…

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