No surprises at who the two big movers are this week, Stephen “the Telstra terminator” Conroy and Tony “the S Word” Abbott. Do you get the feeling the loss of decision making is starting to really eat into the Opposition’s psyche, as always happens, while the Government is already starting to feel the invincibility of absolute power that in the long run (granted, perhaps the very, very long run) will inevitably bring them down?

Meanwhile, general level of coverage remains low, with commercial TV confirming its place as a politics free zone, Kyle Sandilands getting 50% more mentions than the PM on the people’s medium this week.

Julia Gillard continues to fend off what you suspect will be a constant trickle of school stimulus stuff up stories, pushing her up to second.

Not much to see here, Stephen Conroy has somehow not instantly became a household name, and even Tony Abbott can’t get the crew fired up anymore.

Rank Politician Talkback
1 Kevin Rudd 133
2 Malcolm Turnbull 122
3 Anna Bligh 80
4 Julia Gillard 72
5 Joe Hockey 65

If Kyle Sandilands is not funny, and that one’s a pretty much open and shut case, what possible defense does he have left?

Press Radio TV Internet Total INDEX
Kyle Sandilands 362 262 1,648 243 6,244 629

There’s more on the Media Monitors website.