From the House of Representatives Standing and Sessional Orders … a gentle yet timely reminder:


88. Use of certain names

A Member must not refer disrespectfully to the Queen, the Governor-General, or a State Governor, in debate or for the purpose of influencing the House in its deliberations.

89. Offensive words

A Member must not use offensive words against :

  1. either House of the Parliament or a Member of the Parliament; or
  2. a member of the Judiciary.

90. Reflections on Members

All imputations of improper motives to a Member and all personal reflections on other Members shall be considered highly disorderly.

91. Disorderly conduct

A Member’s conduct shall be considered disorderly if the Member has:

  1. persistently and wilfully obstructed the House;
  2. used objectionable words, which he or she has refused to withdraw;
  3. persistently and wilfully refused to conform to a standing order;
  4. wilfully disobeyed an order of the House;
  5. persistently and wilfully disregarded the authority of the Speaker; or
  6. been considered by the Speaker to have behaved in a disorderly manner.