Sep 15, 2009

Young Liberals find their campus saviours: the ALP

Young Liberals could be ruling campus bully-pulpits for decades to come, this time in coalition with a reliable partner -- the right wing of the ALP.

Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

On Saturday, Paul Sheehan penned this piece in The Sydney Morning Herald highlighting the desperate plight of that apparently rare university species — the young conservative.

But if the results of one recent student election are any indication, Sheehan’s “Loneliness of the University Liberal” could be short-lived. Instead, it seems young libs could be ruling campus bully-pulpits for decades to come with the backing of a reliable political partner — the right wing of the ALP.

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5 thoughts on “Young Liberals find their campus saviours: the ALP

  1. Kim Serca

    If a combined Unity-Liberal ticket can’t beat an openly Marxist revolutionary group, then they’re in deep trouble, and were only saved by the obstinacy of socialist alternative and their refusal to run a front campaign. That said the chance of SA actually learning from a close loss is next to zero, because deep down they want to lose.

  2. Kim Serca

    I meant to say ‘can’t beat an openly Marxist group by more than 112 votes…’

  3. Tim nash

    What exactly is this article based on?

    People tend to talk about student politics based on one or two universities usually that they attended a long time ago.

    Student union or the student political body is different wherever you go, and varies year to year..depending on who is involved.

    The main political spectrum within student unions is without a doubt the anarchists, followed by the greens then some communists and one or two labor leaning students. (who are not willing to admit because its a little boring)

    Roughly students these days are lucky to even have a political opinion, when pushed some students will admit they are ‘left leaning’ and the conservatives you have to pick out yourself.

    Usually they are the ones with mummy dropping them off in the BMW.

    I would say honestly that apathy rules at universities….which is why articles like this are amusing.

  4. warwick fry

    “Trotskyists … ‘a remnant of the old Communist Party’ ” … ? !!! I’d love to sell what Andrew’s ‘sources’ must have been taking in Rainbow Lane in Nimbin.

  5. Arundel

    Ask the current Melb Uni media officers, Warwick — they’ve been getting in Andrew’s ear — he’s written articles on La Trobe and Melbourne Student Unions…can I please make a request for Swinburne? The trots here are insane!

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