McGurk murder

McGurk named killer in note – Homicide Squad detectives confirmed yesterday they were examining the note, which the slain stand-over man signed and handed to a friend in case he met with foul play – Sydney Sun Herald

McGurk cops want CCTV footage from NSW Parliament – Sydney Sunday Telegraph


Koperberg threatens to throw in towel – Labor’s highest-profile State Government recruit is threatening to quit Parliament, forcing Premier Nathan Rees into crisis talks to avert a disastrous bye-elction – Sydney Sun Herald

Double dissolution

Labor considering plan to get early election trigger – Labor is seriously considering recalling Parliament during the long Christmas break as part of a plan to gain a trigger for an early election – Melbourne Sunday Age

Labor in a flap as Senate plays game of chicken – Michelle Grattan in the Sydney Sun Herald writes that the Senate is making sure nothing comes easy to the Rudd Government, rejecting significant bills on the first attempt.


Barnaby Joyce can split the Coalition – Tim Gartrell in the Sydney Sunday Telegraph on an Auspoll finding about the lack of recognition of National Party leaders,


Boatload of refugees 30th on Rudd watch – Sydney Sun Herald

Aboriginal affairs

Britain to return Aboriginal bones – Ab original remains held by National Museums Scotland and the Royal College of Surgeons in London are to be returned to Australia – Sydney Sun Herald

Industrial relations

We could bring back AWAs if we win, says Turnbull – Sydney Sun Herald


Ethnic squad titles ‘racist’ – A leading Liberal MP has vowed to do all he can to abolish the Middle Eastern organised crime squad, saying ethnic branding has no place in crime fighting – Sydney Sun Herald


The Iceman melteth – Melissa Fyfe ikn the Melbourne Sunday Age on the political consequences of getting lost on a moujntain.

Howard may be history on Timor – The former Coalition government had a vastly different idea of how independent our near neighbour should be than what eventuated. Precede Precede Precede, writes Paul Daley in the Sydney Sun Herald.

Book import laws are madness based on delusion – Guy Rundle writes in the Melbourne Sunday Age that time and technology have overtaken the way we digest our reading matter.

Time to get personal with disability funds – Lisa Carty in the Sydney Sun Herald writes that minimising bureaucracy for carers would help them, and our money, to go a lot further.


Good as gold – The gold price has gone through the roof, cracking $US1000 an ounce for the third time in history last week – and mum and dad investors are jumping on board – Melbourne Sunday Age


090913agebrowncoalexportsGreen fury at plans to sell brown coal to India – Melbourne Sunday Age

Traveston Dam gets approval – The controversial $1.6 billion Traveston Crossing Dam has been given environmental approval and could get the go-ahead from Federal Government within weeks – Brisbane Sunday Mail


Sporting spirit

Tears in defeat flow with Kinglake’s joy of life – Kinglake makes the footy grand final and the Prime Minister was there – Sydney Sunday Telegraph


New mums lose limbs after septic shock bacterial infections Adelaide Sunday Mail