Indie music fans across the country are hammering the “name that bridge” website to get their charges up as the re-naming battle for Brisbane’s Hale Street Link Bridge gathers momentum.

The under-construction bridge, destined to link Milton with South Brisbane, has been spruiked by Liberal Lord Mayor Campbell Newman as a solution to the inner-west’s famous traffic snarls. In an apparent attempt to democratise the naming of major public work, Newman has presented the public with a list of possible titles. Amid a swathe of boring historical figures, lies the joyful “Go Between” option, which the website says represents a “cross-river connection allowing us to easily ‘go between’ Milton and South Brisbane and secondly as a reference to The Go-Betweens – an internationally influential band from Brisbane.”

The Go-Betweens were, in this author’s humble opinion, Australia’s best ever pop band, responsible for such classic singles as “Streets of Your Town” and “Spring Rain”. The BCC’s association with the indie heroes may go some way to assuaging outrage amid music-loving West End residents, who say the bridge could increase traffic congestion, a claim disputed by Newman.

Go-Betweens songwriting force Grant McLennan died tragically in 2006 while preparing for a party at his Brisbane home.

The bridge re-naming vote closes on 20 September.