This from Senate Question Time yesterday:

SENATOR STEPHEN CONROY: I am pleased to inform the Senate that the online internet weblog Crikey has sold over 12 of the Fuckofftober t-shirts created by their in-house humourist Fast Dog with a Broom. These ROFLsome examples of sportive outerwear are a witty response to the ABC’s totally lame in-house campaign to cheer people up known as Respectember.

As the Minister responsible for the national broadcaster and thus a person who might reasonably be held to account for the entire laughable Respectember fiasco, I am tendering my resignation to the Prime Minister, effective immediately.

That’s right it’s already mid-Respectember (how do you feel about that? No, really, your reaction is important to us), so Fuckofftober is coming soon and we want ABC employees (and their friends) to be a part of it.

Send us a photo of you or yours wearing a Fuckofftober t-shirt while at the ABC or in some sort of identifiable ABC environment. (A screenshot of Leigh Sales wearing one while hosting Lateline Business would be entirely acceptable.)

Send us a publishable photo and we will send you a pair of First Dog Kevin Rudd’s Pets socks. Yes. Also, first one to get their Fuckofftober shirt on the telly (send us the clip), wins a free Crikey subscription too.

If you can get you and your t-shirt in a photo with Mark Scott you get a free First Dog cartoon all about how awesome you are. And socks. And a Crikey sub.

Remember though, we will be publishing the photos … so do what you need to do, and take care.

You can buy the t-shirt here.

You can see the original Respectember cartoon here.

Send your entries to [email protected] with “photo competition” in the subject field.