Della still number one on telly a couple of weeks after his resignation as a minister. And they say television’s not a serious news medium? Meanwhile stories appear that Belinda Neal is looking likely to regain preselection as everyone else wonders why anyone would possibly go into politics unless they had a hide like a rhinoceros and an ego the size of Kev … er Mal … oh right.

Senator Fielding — learning disability eh? In olden days we used to call that not being able to spell.

And in less serious news, Lindsay Tanner got out and about defending the stimulus and waxing philosophical on the Coalition’s debt tactics, Nick Xenophon was maintaining the rage over Allan Kessing’s airport claims and Chris Evans got his detainee charges removal through the Senate with Judith Troeth’s help.

Mixed views on the Tim Holding rescue on talkback, as you would expect, and Queensland talkback was dominated by whether Anna Bligh should be banging pots on telly for a weekend.

Rank Politician Talkback
1 Tim Holding 243
2 Anna Bligh 235
3 John Della Bosca 209
4 Kevin Rudd 165
5 Nathan Rees 44

Being a scriptwriter for Underbelly most now officially be the easiest job in television.

Press Radio TV Internet Total INDEX
Michael McGurk 196 1,115 1,339 217 9,256 717

There’s more on the Media Monitors website.

There’s more on the Media Monitors .