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Sep 9, 2009

Sandilands and scandal: is this the tipping point?

Kyle Sandilands has hit the airwaves -- and headlines -- again with another attention-grabbing stunt. Will the provocative tactics that have made his career also break it?

Update: Sandilands has just been suspended by 2DayFM, effective immediately: ‘‘2Day FM believes the comments made by Kyle were unacceptable and sincerely apologises and regrets any offence they caused’’ – SMH


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4 thoughts on “Sandilands and scandal: is this the tipping point?

  1. JaneShaw

    Am I being overly cynical, or is this starting to look like it’s being done on purpose. I would hate to underestimate Sandilands abilities to be a total prat, but surely not even he could be this stupid by accident?

    As you said in this article, his ratings went up after the lie detector debacle. Certainly his media profile has increased (internationally!!) to a level an ignorant, talentless moron like him could not have achieved any other way.

    Is it possible he is doing all this on purpose with an eye to lucrative shock-jock positions elsewhere?

    And if it is, what do we do? Should we send out warnings or desperate email his CV to every radio company that doesn’t broadcast in Australia?

  2. Heathdon McGregor

    I believe the problem(or asset) that Kyle now has is that it is ok to be “Vile Kyle” attacking people while your audience is a bunch of teens and young adults but his audience now includes adults who are looking for the next offense. If he believed what he said in the first place he wouldn’t spend so much time apologising, or he may be able to inject some sincerity into his apologies.

    It could be a problem when he doesn’t plan it and an asset when he tries to manipulate the press.

    I personally have more problems with Jackie O who tries to pass herself off as a lady with respect for other people but should remember that if you lay with dogs you come up with fleas. Sitting with a vile person cheering them on for your benefit tends to be inexcusable. Is her response to this comment on record? Anyway she can always go back to her TV career…..Oh

  3. umberto

    Maybe if some were to just prick him with a pin. He looks a bit chubby from all the hot air he produces. He could even market it as a new diet for idiots – sure to be a money spinner with his audience

  4. Natti W

    This latest on air gaff by Kyle Sandilands proves that he lacks 2 things that I consider necessary to be a force in the media – or any industry for that matter – class and intelligence. It also proves a long-held opinion – empty vessels makes the loudest noise. Kyle, and Jackie, I’m sad to say, should both be sacked, regardless of how high their ratings are. Advertisers have clearly realised that their money-earning abilty will continue to fall as long as they continue with the sensationalist rubbish they currently braoadcast.

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